9/11 Disappointment

No matter what your beliefs about 9/11, you can’t deny the emotions that 9/11 evokes–thinking about those that died that day, how you felt, where you were, how our lives have changed since, the list could go on and on. We don’t think about these things on a daily basis, so on the 10th anniversary I was really hoping that people would reflect on everything we’ve lost-from people to freedoms.

But, things don’t always go how they should. To me the day felt like an endless campaign event. I attended the Alpharetta-Milton 9/11 Memorial and was completely disappointed to learn that the agenda for the memorial included a long list of speeches from politicians. Alpharetta Mayor Arthur Letchas and Milton Mayor Joe Lockwood spoke first. This was appropriate. As hosts of the events, they welcomed us and encouraged us to really reflect. But they were followed by a total of SIX political speeches!!

We opened with a heart wrenching recording from the 911 dispatch in New York, the color guard, Star-Spangled Banner, and a prayer. So far, so good. After a long line of speeches from Representatives, Commissioners, and the like, we were graced with Senator Albers dressed up like a firefighter. (Don’t worry, you would still be able to identify him. He had on his Alpharetta Volunteer Firefighter name tag, as well as a Senator name tag–a uniform code violation, mind you. Diplomatic immunity? I suppose.) His speech was solemn, followed by a radio call into the local dispatch and some sirens. Quite a show. I was wondering if he was going to shoot someone out of a cannon.

But the whole thing was entirely set up. It lacked genuineness. Each politician got up there, said what THEY were doing on 9/11, how things have changed for THEM since 9/11, what great Americans they are and then they thanked our public servicemen and women. Some of them read directly from press releases they had sent out earlier in the morning. It was a sham. A complete disappointment.

I thought on 9/11 we would be honoring the firefighters, the police officers, the Port Authority, the victims and the men and women in Afghanistan and Iraq–those we’ve lost and those who continue to serve. Thank those who protect us unconditionally every day.

I thought on 9/11 we would pray for our country and take pride in the foundations: liberty, freedom and vigilance.

I was wrong. All we got was a slew of politicians and a headache—At least it was free.

Cops taking a Scroll…

The Alpharetta-Milton Patch reported the crime blogger on August 30, 2011.  In it was your usual identity theft, car break-in’s and drug busts.  But I found one particular case that disturbed me.

Earlier in the week, two teens were pulled over in Milton on Cogburn Road because of broken tail light.  The officer smelled alcohol and marijuana coming from the car and subsequently charged the driver with DUI, possession of marijuana less than one ounce and brake light citations.  Clearly, these kids were up to no good, and clearly, they were headed to jail.  No one would argue that.  But then I read this: “Police read text messages on the driver’s phone that sound as if a drug deal was being made.”

Excuse me, but what gave the officer the right to scroll through this young man’s text messages?  How was the cell phone suddenly evidence in a DUI, possession and brake light case?

The text messages prompted the officer to do a SECOND search of both of the teens and found a scale, more marijuana and $655 in cash.  The officer then charged both teens with ‘Intent to distribute’.  I have a major problem with how all of this went down.  Sure, these teens were going to jail and all of the above mentioned items would have been confiscated when they were booked.  The fact that they were discovered by a search of the cell phone is absolutely incensing to me.  There is this thing given to us by the Constitution called ‘rights’ (they often pertain to privacy) and it’s absurd that a police officer can violate that, especially when it is irrelevant to the case.

My disbelief lead me to do some research.  Apparently not too long ago, a Georgia appellate court decision upheld a warrantless search of a cell phone found in an arrestees’ car (not on her person).  Various websites also stated that officers must have reasonable suspicion that a crime is occuring…was there more reasonable suspicion to lead to a cell phone search? I don’t think so.  And wouldn’t most agree that this law was instated (and upheld) on the premise of texting and driving? I also learned that many states are classifying cell phones as ‘containers’- how they think that adds up, I’m not sure.  Is my brain a ‘container’ as well? It holds information.

**Note: Had the phone needed a password for it to be unlocked, the teens could have invoked their 5th amendment right to silence and the officers would not have been able to search the phone without a warrant.

Alpharetta-Milton Patch Article http://alpharetta.patch.com/articles/milton-teens-face-drug-charges-parents-wrath

I Have a Dream, But It’s Not About Sharing.

Here’s one I bet you didn’t see coming…..

Did you know that you can’t find the complete “I Have a Dream Speech” by Martin Luther King Jr. anywhere? The rights belong to Mr. King and his family.

It seems that in 1963, Mr. King sued Twentieth Century Fox Records Company from selling a video of his “speech”. Then, in 1999, CBS lost a battle against the MLK Estate when a judge ruled that the oration was a “performance distributed to the news media and not the public, making it a “limited” as opposed to a “general” publication”. This meant the speech is not public domain and therefore, any use must be approved (read: purchased) by the MLK Jr. Estate.

REALLY? A Performance? Come on, people! Have you thought about the synonyms of performance? Act, appearance, behavior, play, show, stunt…the list goes on. And all of these seem to discredit the actual address. Why are we not remembering the address for what it was: a persuasive speech. And for what? To make a few bucks off of copyrights every time an organization wants to promote a significant piece of American history. Not to mention, it’s on a ridiculous technicality. It’s not as if you can’t find the transcript of the “performance” on the internet or in textbooks.

What an obnoxious concept: a supposed monumental address across America, to people of all ages, ethnicities, cultures, etc….cannot be found in its’ entirety on the internet.

Go ahead….try to find it….You’ll think you’ve outsmarted the system when you go to YouTube and the first result is the 17 minute video, however, when you click on it, it says that it’s been removed due to copyright issues. What a tease. At least they let you know that it once was there, right?

Even MLK.net can’t use the video: http://www.mlkonline.net/video-i-have-a-dream-speech.html

License, un-check!

Last month, a new measure created by the Governor of New Mexico was instated requiring immigrants to re-register their license and provide proof of where they will continue to live in the state.  This Residency Verification Plan was an effort to crack down on immigration in New Mexico, one of three remaining where proof of citizenship is not required when applying for a driver’s license.  The state had issued notices to everyone that needs to schedule an “in-person interview” to supply documents showing proof of residency.  Of the 10,000 notices sent out, more than 30% have been returned as “undeliverable”.  In an effort to crack down on loopholes, the state had also planned to cancel any license’s for those no longer living in the state.

The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, however, challenged all aspects of the new program in court, forcing a district judge to freeze the program until it is resolved in court.  The MALDEF claims that the law discriminates against a certain group of people: foreign nationals.  They also claim that the Motor Vehicles Department has no reason to believe they’ve done anything wrong so they should not have to report.  Further, Marcela Diaz of Somos Un Pueblo Unido, (Pardon, of WHAT organization?) an immigrant rights group, said in a statement that the license verification program “is nothing more than a bullying tactic that intimidates and threatens people for no reason.”  Subsequently, this week, a federal judge denied Governor Susana Martinez and her administration the ability to verify the validity of immigrants licenses’ in the state.

So…notices are sent to the addresses provided on the license but many are “undeliverable” –yet, somehow, they still think there is no cause for concern? The proof is in the pudding.  The word ‘foreign’ should set off some alarms.  Yes, many foreigners live, work and contribute to America every year, after going through the proper channels.  But why wouldn’t we toughen the screening process for those who are native to this country? I simply don’t understand why obtaining a government ID does not require that you prove you are actually able to be governed under THIS government.

What Happened to Milton County?

If you were active in last July’s primary election for Senate District 56, you remember a key issue for all of the candidates: Milton County. For those of you who are not aware of the concept of Milton County, it would essentially cut Johns Creek, Milton, Mountain Park, Alpharetta, Roswell and part (maybe all) of Sandy Springs out of Fulton County to create a new Milton County.

Personally, I am not a proponent of Milton County, mostly because it would cut me out, but I do understand the want of those taxpayers in North Fulton to keep their money where they feel it can benefit them.

Over the course of the election season, it appeared that all 3 of the candidates (John Albers, David Belle Isle and Brandon Beach) fully supported the idea of Milton County. After the run-off, those who did not win the seat went on to pursue other important issues, while the Senator-elect was supposedly ‘getting right to work’.

During the election, Albers launched a massive campaign initiative called ‘The Contract for Milton County’ complete with it’s own website, Facebook page and poster-size copy that voters could sign. The Facebook page still exists (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=105925269440670) and it has the link for the website, www.contractformiltoncounty.com, listed, but for some *odd* reason, the website is no longer up. Also available during the election was the VoteAlbers website, but that too is no longer available, you are simply directed to the Senator Albers webpage, which has no mention of Milton County except for a small paragraph stating, ‘Albers supports the recreation of Milton County to include the cities of Roswell, Sandy Springs, Mountain Park, Milton Alpharetta and Johns Creek. The residents of North Fulton have long endured an inequitable relationship with Fulton County government and will make Milton a reality’.

What I found rather interesting during my online search for resources regarding Milton County was a webpage started in April of 2009 called Milton County Rising. (www.miltoncountyrising or http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=69245732854#!/group.php?gid=69245732854&v=wall ). Mr. Albers didn’t create his ‘Contract for Milton County’ until early 2010. Oh the irony.

According to the Facebook page, over 1,500 people signed the contract in 5 days. Clearly this is something that the people of North Fulton wanted their elected official to work towards. I really thought Albers would fight harder for something the people wanted. Thankfully, Albers did propose and pass a bill requiring at least 3 feet of space between bikers and cars. You can see other things Mr. Albers tacked his name onto here: http://www.legis.ga.gov/Legislation/en-US/Search.aspx. His bill made it nowhere. And to date, he’s proposed nothing during the special session.

So why hasn’t Mr. Albers delivered? Why isn’t he fighting for Milton County? And what happened to that poster-size copy of the contract? Maybe these are questions we need to ask when November 2012 rolls around.


On the Side of the Tobacco Industry

This past Tuesday, 4 of the largest tobacco companies filed a major suit against the federal government.  Why, you ask?

Apparently the federal government has issued new labels for cigarette companies to place on cigarette packages.  The companies are upset because they are REQUIRED to use the labels designated by the government.  They also claim that the new labels, which now include images, not just text, will be damaging to sales.

First things first.  I am not a proponent of smoking.  I think it’s a terrible habit and I am in favor of laws restricting people from smoking inside businesses, as it is clearly a detriment to those around them.  However, here is where I draw the line.  Who is the federal government to step in and mess with a private enterprise that is trying to make a profit? (And let’s not forget the amount of taxes this profit generates for the federal government.) “Never before in the United States have producers of a lawful product been required to use their own packaging and advertising to convey an emotionally-charged government message urging adult consumers to shun their products,” the companies wrote in the lawsuit filed in federal court in Washington, D.C.. How despicable.

The images are anti-smoking advocacy graphics.  I’m not quite sure how this make sense.  You wouldn’t advertise Dell in a catalog of Apple Computers, just as you wouldn’t place an image of a bloody, dead person on a bike helmet.  So why is this appropriate? Take a look. Some of the images are quite graphic:

There are a total of 9 images that the government wants to implement over the course of the coming years.  This will be an added expense on behalf of the tobacco companies since they will have to pay to change the packaging, designs, etc. each time a new image is added.  The advertising technique must total 20% of the total advertising for the tobacco companies as well as include a Stop Smoking Hotline phone number.

I understand the tobacco companies make a ridiculous amount of money, have a history of being deceitful and are selling a detrimental good to the public.  But those issues are neither here nor there.  This completely stems from administration regulation. The federal government is essentially damaging sales of a company as they inappropriately raise the cost of doing business for tobacco companies.

When will it stop?

The Fate of the Chicken Man

Many of you who have been following the story of the Roswell Chicken Man are already aware that he was sentenced to 99 days in jail last Wednesday, August 10. Leading up to that day, a lot of people read and shared this blog (which I am grateful for!) but we received some interesting feedback.

There were some comments left, both of Facebook and the comments page here, that blatantly said they were happy that Mr. Wordes was sentenced to jail because he “broke the law”

Mr. Wordes was sentenced because he failed to appear to his probation check-ins and did not complete his total number of hours demanded. Some readers made comments like, “He violated his probation, he SHOULD be in jail”. Others didn’t quite believe that the city could and would have a personal vendetta against this man. Remember WHY he was sentenced to jail- For illegal grading of his property (which he did in order to prevent his property from flooding, see pictures from previous blog) and too many cars on his driveway. I’m sorry but it’s simply obnoxious that Mr. Wordes is dealing with this. Why doesn’t the City of Roswell focus on their looming financial problems? Or the crime that consumes the district surrounding Red Lobster on Holcomb Bridge Road?

Some people have a hard time comprehending how large an issue this really is. But this is happening, friends. Mr. Wordes is in jail. Yes, he violated his probation and he didn’t meet all of the hours in time. But put that fact aside. This is part of an ever-evolving story that just won’t end.

This was all part of the master plan. 99 days in jail will prohibit Mr. Wordes from making house payments, because 1) his hens were poisoned and subsequently, he cannot sell any of their eggs; and 2) he is incarcerated and has no other means of making money. Don’t you see? His home will go into foreclosure and he will be forced to move. He won’t be able to live in Roswell because of the way the City Council changed the laws limiting the number of livestock you can have within city limits. The city is effectively PUSHING Mr. Wordes out of his home and the city. (Again, they made their intentions clear when they labeled his property as ‘Green Space’ on the Roswell 2030 Plan.)

Since the police department also caused Mr. Wordes some distress, you may wonder who is looking after his home while he is away. The Roswell Police have said they will do their best to monitor the premises. Wonderful.

Luckily, Mr. Wordes is surrounded by a wonderful group of friends who love him and his animals dearly and strongly support his fight. All of his animals have been taken in until November when he is released (though we don’t know where he will go). Friends are visiting him and sending him letters in hopes of keeping his spirits up. People he’s never even met are attempting to raise money for lawyers, house payments and any other fees he may be facing in the coming months. The outpouring of people willing to support Mr. Wordes is inspiring to me. But we’re not doing enough.

If you have any ideas or resources that can help fight this fight, please share them on the ‘Save the Roswell Chicken Man’ Facebook page.

Please visit www.roswellchickenman.com to donate. It’s not to late to save his home.

You can write Andrew at:
Roswell Detention Center
In the direction of Andrew S. Wordes
39 Hill Street
Roswell, GA 30075

And lastly, get the losers off the Roswell City Council. Rich Dippolito and Becky Wynn (both of whom have vehemently opposed Mr. Wordes and his cause by passing legislation and upholding the actions of the City Manager, Kay Love) are both up for re-election this November. VOTE THEM OUT!!! **

**Mike Nyden is running for Post 1 to replace Dippolito. He supports Andrew’s cause, so we must support him. http://www.electmikenyden.com/
And just because you don’t live in Roswell doesn’t mean you can’t help the process of removing them from office.

Underlying Message Over Coffee

Please watch this video before reading below:


YouTube clip- from CBS Sunday Morning -Fast Draw Segment August 14, 2011

So here it is. Another subtle message in this all-too-short-and-utterly-vague Sunday morning segment. During this 2 minute and 14 second clip, CBS managed to do a couple of things.

You’re informed that unemployment is high and wages are low. First of all, “low” is relative. Yes, compared to Bill Gates, my salary is “low”, however, there are plenty of people in America who are making decent money and being cautious with their money. *Cautious means thinking before spending.

Next, you’re told that the government doesn’t know how to pay its bills. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 6 months, this isn’t new news. But- you are told to look at Corporate America. Apparently, corporations are piling up the cash, totalling $1.2 trillion. Unfortunately, CBS does NOT think this is a good thing. They think that the money could be spent in a better manner. Corporations, instead of holding a cushion in the bank, could:

– Pay 3 years of rent for every renter in america
-Buy every home that went into foreclosure in 2007 & 2008.
-Pay all of America’s dental bills for 10 years.
-Or give every American family $10,000. (The ones that are legal and documented, of course.)

The narrators make sure to let you know that corporations won’t be doing any of these, nor will they create jobs. Specifically, “They’ve taken note of the uncertainty, will hold on to cash. They’ll save it spend later. When they can make more money”.

CBS did this on purpose. Many people would simply watch and say, ‘Wow!” or “Can you believe that?” CBS was playing into the ‘stupid American’ stereotype. During a comical segment on government, CBS sprinkled angry fairy dust to create the ‘Shame on corporations!’ mindset. This ad was created to incite anger towards the private sector in a passive-aggressive manner.

Come on, people! Why are corporations under fire like this? Corporations are criticized for not spending enough money and not creating enough jobs. Between innovation, production and sales (depending on the type of business), PLENTY of jobs are created because of large corporations. As for the spending issue, we are angry because they don’t do enough of it and have cash in the bank. Seems to me this is responsible business and would make a fabulous model for our own government.

And regardless of where this money is…these corporations, as well as their employees, pay taxes on this money, despite what many may say. If you want to be mad at corporations, be mad at them for whose campaigns they are funneling money into during elections. If you want to be mad at CBS, well, then, I’ve got your back.

The Roswell Chicken Man and His Fight For His Constitutionally Protected Rights

Mr. Wordes earned his name “the Roswell Chicken Man” just how you might expect he would. He owns chickens (and turkeys). But what you probably wouldn’t expect is the hassle, hardship and heartbreak he has encountered in order to maintain his right to have these animals and his property.

Mr Wordes is currently battling the City of Roswell (City Manager and City Council) over his right to have livestock on his property inside city limits. The order of events goes a little bit like this:

  • December 2008: Roswell Zoning Department issues a warning for the chickens on his property. (At that time, the City of Roswell’s Code of Ordinances said “On less than two acres you MAY NOT have livestock except for poultry and swine.”) The City decided to issue a citation anyway. Mayor Wood attempts to step in and stop the city, but the city moves forward. Both parties head to court.
  • Spring 2009: Mr. Wordes hires former Georgia Governor Roy Barnes to represent him against the city. Both parties presented their cases to Judge Maurice Hilliard who issued a dismissal of the case against the Chicken Man.
  • Summer 2009: The Roswell City Council rewrites the law, without a ‘grandfather clause’, to make all but 6 chickens on a property illegal–directly targeting and affecting Mr. Wordes. The law further states that the ‘legal’ chickens must remain in a permanent enclosure.**
    (**Mr. Wordes property sits on a flood plain. 3-4 feet of water rises on his property when it storms. Because of this, the city would not issue a permit for a permanent enclosure, therefore making it ‘illegal’ for him to have his birds. This is important because after the storms and flooding in September 2009, a sewer backed up behind Mr. Wordes’ home causing 6 feet of water in the back yard and 4 feet of water in the basement of his home. In order to save his home AND his chickens, Mr. Wordes borrowed a BobCat to move the dirt around. He was subsequently issued citations for too many chickens, illegal grading of property and too many cars on his property. The City also would not submit requests for FEMA funds for the property. The property has flooded several times since this initial flood.)

  • The City of Roswell contacts Mr. Wordes mortgage broker, an elderly woman who has held his mortgage for the entirety of his 16 years in his home. With the threat of liens, citations and grievances, the City pressures Wordes’ mortgage broker into SELLING the note to another broker for 50 cents on the dollar. The current mortgage broker is attempting to foreclose on Mr. Wordes home.
  • Mr. Wordes reports to court for his citations during the flood. Judge Hilliard again rules in his favor stating that he is ‘grandfathered in’ to the new law, but must complete 180 hours of community service for the illegal grading and the excessive number of cars on his property.
  • Mr. Wordes is harassed by the Roswell Police Department as well. He is pulled over more times than we can count, thrown in jail on multiple occasions, and given a number of petty citations. It’s common for multiple police cars to sit at the end of Mr. Wordes street and ‘wait’.
  • The City of Roswell files a 55-page civil suit against Mr. Wordes in an attempt to take his property from him. This is the first civil suit to attempt to take a man’s property in the history of Roswell. A civil suit was filed in attempt to deny Mr. Wordes his right to a public defender, as he can no longer afford to pay for representation. Fortunately because of Mr. Wordes involvement with Georgia Carry, they have provided legal representation for him.
  • The City lists Mr. Wordes home on the ‘Roswell 2030 Plan’ as a green space and parks area, publicly announcing and solidifying their effort to take his property. (View the plan here http://www.roswellgov.com/DocumentView.aspx?DID=1552 –the road you’re looking for is Alpine Drive. Can you believe this? He is still the lawful owner of his property but the City has a 20-year-plan to dissolve that. Note that Mr. Wordes has offered to SELL his property to the City, but they have declined. Instead, they want to take the long and painful foreclosure route.)
  • July 2011: Mr. Wordes leaves his home to attend a political rally. When he returns home, he finds that all of his chickens have been let out and feed is all over the ground. The next day, his birds begin to die. Mr. Wordes realizes that someone has poisoned his birds. Over the course of the next few days, Mr. Wordes loses 1/3 of his livestock, including 45 baby turkeys (10 of which belonged to Mayor Jere Wood), 25 chicks and 6 adult birds. I spoke with Mr. Wordes personally and he claims there is no doubt in his mind who was behind the poisoning. He alleges that it was his next door neighbor who has rallied with the city through this entire process. You see, Mr. Wordes has a very private backyard that is surrounded by woods. From the street, however, it would appear that people were home because there were a couple of cars parked in the driveway. Unfortunately, Mr. Wordes posted on his Facebook page that he would be attending this political rally. Mr. Wordes has indications that lead him to believe that his neighbor monitors the page through other names (via his neighbors own personal website that has a page dedicated to ‘The Chicken Man’). Mr. Wordes alleges that this neighbor is the only one that would 1) know the seclusion of the property, 2) have access to the property in addition to knowing where everything is and 3) have a motive to commit such an atrocity. A police report has been filed, but is not moving forward at this point due to the lack of proof. The birds were taken to two different forensic labs to determine the source of poisoning but the necropsies have not yet returned. In the meantime, this has become an economic hardship on Mr. Wordes since he cannot sell the eggs from his hens since the poisoning.
  • Mr. Wordes is due in court August 10 at 2:30pm. The hearing is public at the Roswell Municipal Court. He will be arguing a probation violation for missing a ‘check-in’ over the time his birds had been poisoned.

Currently, Mayor Jere Wood, Councilwoman Betty Price and Senator John Albers are all standing behind this brave man. These public servants have exhausted their resources, but remain vigilant with their personal support. All three should be commended for their continued support for Mr. Wordes.

The Roswell chicken man needs your help.

  • If you are a resident of Roswell, I encourage you to call your councilman or woman. Let them know what they are doing is WRONG. A few of these council people are up for election this November (Becky Wynn and Rich Dippolito). How about vote them out? Why would you want someone who denies us of our rights granted by the laws of government? You can also call or email them and let them know how shameful their actions are. Nothing will change if we all stay quiet.
  • Call the news stations, local and national. These villains need to be exposed. The city cannot get away with this. We must stop fearing the government and stand behind those who are fighting the good fight.
    -Huffington Post scoop@huffingtonpost.com
    -Fox News hannity@foxnews.com or oreilly@foxnews.com or kelly@foxnews.com
    -WSBTV newstip@wsbtv.com or 404.897.6276
  • Visit www.roswellchickenman.com to donate to this cause.
  • Spread the word. Tell everyone you know. This isn’t JUST about the chickens. It’s about the city and the personal vendetta they have against a citizen. It could easily be you or me, just in a different context.

“When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”- Thomas Jefferson

Roswell Patch Article 8/2/2001 http://roswell.patch.com/articles/roswells-chicken-man-heads-back-to-court
Roswell Patch Article 7/3/2011 http://roswell.patch.com/articles/roswell-chicken-man-cries-foul
CBS Atlanta Coverage http://www.cbsatlanta.com/story/15037844/roswell-chicken-man-says-someone-vandalized-his-property-and-poisoned-50-of-his-birds
Facebook Support Page: http://www.facebook.com/RoswellChickenMan#!/RoswellChickenMan?sk=info

Have You Heard The News? It Gets Better.

Recently, Scott Brown (R-Mass) declined to appear in a pro-LGBT video assuring youth that ‘it gets better’ as you get older.  The video is a part of a nationwide campaign to reassure LGBT teens and young adults that the bullying lessens as they get older.  Brown, the only lawmaker who does not appear in the video featuring every other Massachusetts lawmaker, has been under intense scrutiny for declining the invitation to appear despite his spokesman’s acknowledgement that Brown is dedicated to eliminating bullying but “his main focus right now is on creating jobs and getting our economy back on track”.  It’s not appropriate to imply that Scott Brown is promoting or allowing bullying simply because he will not partake in a video.

Scott Brown has proven to be more moderate than conservative during his time in office but that still doesn’t please Democrats.  Democratic Hill staffers are the ones that leaked the story about Brown not appearing in the video to the press.  It isn’t enough that he voted in-favor of the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in recent months, no, now they want him to appear in a video to ‘lock-in’ his stance.

But why are our politicians wasting time making videos?  They are not movie stars.  As legislators, their job is to draft and create laws.  I understand that the campaign message is being promoted due to the increasing number of suicides among LGBT teens, and that is commendable, but everyone from State representatives to President Obama is partaking in this video message project.  I don’t think it is appropriate.  And Scott Brown is right.  We should be focusing on jobs and the economy–you know that thing the Democrats keep blaming the Republicans for? I also can’t remember the last time someone took a commercial, especially from a politician, to heart.  Instead, why don’t these influential members of the government take the opportunity to enact legislation to protect people, regardless of sexual orientation, from bullying?  Surely that would be more effective than a video.

View some of the ‘It Get’s Better’.  You’ll notice if you simply YouTube ‘It Get’s Better’, there are 785,000 results.  I think the message is getting out there, enough so not to criticize one politician for not participating in the video.

From President Obama
From the Massachusetts Delegation
Modern Family PSA