Undocumented & in the Limelight

Earlier this week, Jose Antonio Vargas, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist (and former senior contributor to the Huffington Post, among other publications) revealed that he is undocumented.  He stated that when he was 12 years old, his mother sent him from the Philippines with the intention of joining him, but she never did.  Vargas told ABC News that he never knew he was undocumented until someone at a local DMV told him his green card was fake.  Vargas is now arguing that he graduated high school and college, created a career as a journalist, interviewed some of the country’s most influential people and lived the American Dream…so why should him being an illegal alien matter?

Well Jose, let me tell you. It is no more complicated that you stated: it’s illegal.  In his statement to ABC, Jose said that he did things he knew were “wrong and unlawful” and used a “21st century underground railroad of supporters, people who took an interested in my future and took risks for me”.  Vargas said he is ‘coming out now’ to fight for immigrant rights and passage of the DREAM Act. He concluded his interview with, ‘Call me what you want, but I am an American.’

Actually, Jose, you’re not.  You weren’t born on American soil, you didn’t come here legally and once you discovered you did not have a legal status, you still did not make an effort to go through the proper channels to obtain citizenship. 3 Strikes, and you’re out, buddy! Deportation is the only option.

I would like to know why he thinks he should be allowed to stay?

And not only should Jose be held criminally responsible, but so should the people who aided him, allowed him to use their address, obtain a false social security card, kept his secret.  What’s more, how did he pay for college? and to live when he was younger? Has he paid taxes all these years? If so, how? Sure, he was a minor when he arrived, and sure, he probably had it pretty tough. But he isn’t a minor anymore and he doesn’t have it tough now, so he knowingly broke the law, and now he needs to pay the price.  Just because you didn’t become victim to the system doesn’t transform your status from illegal to legal.  And what is even more frustrating is that he is using his public status to gain support to rally around him to make this a high-profile case and use the publicity to his advantage.

Who Isn’t Looking Past Color

Recently, there have been some companies who have taken serious heat in regards to their media advertisements. To me, it’s getting old. But I’d love to know what you think…

Last month, Naomi Campbell complained that a recent Cadbury advertisement was racist. She says they compared her (and her skin color) to chocolate. The ad said “Move Over Naomi, there’s a new Diva in town!”. [You can see the ad below]. Campbell said, “It’s just upsetting to be described as chocolate not just for me, but for all black women and black people”. Initially, Cadbury defended the ad, claiming they were referencing her ‘infamous diva attitude’ (which, let’s be honest, is quite well-known) and not her race. Ultimately, Cadbury removed the ad. Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) though, agreed with Cadbury, eventually stating that the ad ‘posed no real threat’ and was not racist.

Another company under fire is Dove. Critics and advocates for equal rights claim that it is offensive to have a black woman under the ‘before’ title and a white woman under the ‘after’ title. See the ad below.

SERIOUSLY?!? Do these critics REALLY think that a company like Dove would imply that you can scrub yourself white????? Please. People have also criticized that the black woman is heavier than the white woman, who is (still) the after. Yep. Dove wants you to scrub yourself white AND skinny.

This is comical. Dove is historically known for using women of all shapes, sizes, colors and ages. In fact- it wasn’t too long ago that they took the heat for using women who people deemed ‘not fit for modeling and advertisments’. (It’s true! People refer to them as the ‘fat brand’ and there are tons of articles out there criticizing the women and calling them disgusting.) To say that just because these women are standing next to each other some how means they are being compared to one another is simply absurd. Even worse? The attention this ad is getting. Google searches return websites with headlines like ‘Dove Turns Fat Black Woman into Thin White Woman’. GET REAL.

These companies to which we are referring are multi-million dollar companies with expansive product lines. Who are these people kidding? Do they honestly think that these corporations, in 2011, would risk publishing an outwardly racist advertisement?

Why are people looking so hard? By looking at this ad in a quick manner (which is what most do when browsing a magazine) I certainly would not take away that notion. People need to RELAX! Not everyone and everything is racist.

Baby No Gender & Why It’s Blue or Pink and not Gray.

It’s no longer new news.  By now, I’m sure most of you have heard about Baby Storm, the Canadian child born to parents David Stocker and Kathy Witterick who have chosen to keep the gender of Baby Storm a secret to all except their doctors and immediate family. They decided they would allow Storm to choose it’s own gender instead of giving in to the stereotypes of pink and blue, girl and boy.

I was surprised to see that when I googled “baby no gender” more results were generated than just those pertaining to Baby Storm.  Apparently, a Swedish family practiced the same notion in 2009 on Baby Pop.  Baby Pop had it’s gender concealed based on the idea that “was rooted in the feminist philosophy that gender is a social construction” (1).

This experiment completely contradicts the argument that homosexuality is “not a choice”.  While gender and sexual orientation are two very different things, people have made the argument that they feel they should have been born a male when they are actually a female, and vis versa.  These experiments make an utter mockery of the idea that people are born with inherent desires and inclinations.

Furthermore, this isn’t a choice.  The parents of Baby Storm stated that “parents make too many choice for their children” and it’s “obnoxious”.  Pardon me, but choosing a gender is not a choice.  God (or the universe, if you’re going to argue that route) gave us specific equipment to differentiate us from the opposite sex.  There is no changing that, it’s not up for debate, and it certainly isn’t something that can be chosen or determined later on in life. (Ya get what’cha get, and ya don’t pitch a fit!).

I also have to wonder at what point these parents thought it would be a good idea to experiment on their own child? And what happens when this child goes to day care or school? Are they going to ban preschool workers from changing diapers or helping with bathroom duties so as not to reveal the gender of Baby Storm? And who’s to say that a child won’t wonder what gender these children are “check” for themselves?  And at what point will they allow Baby Storm to outwardly be who he or she is going to be? I also have to wonder at what age will they demand this baby make a choice? Surely they cannot go through grade school without some sort of determination.

The bottom line: These parents are using this experiment to make a mockery out of both science and beliefs and its’ at the expense of exploiting their own child.

1)Article on Baby Pop of Sweden http://www.thelocal.se/20232/20090623/
2) Article on Baby Storm of Canada http://abcnews.go.com/Health/baby-storm-raised-genderless-gender-dangerous-experiment-child/story?id=13693760

Town Hall Meetings & Why You Shouldn’t Go to Them

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “Town Hall Meeting”?? Democracy? Voicing your opinion? One-on-one time with your representative? Nope. Not me. I think…”Re-election”.

It may just be me, but I think that town hall meetings (here on forward referred to as THM) are becoming more and more popular, or maybe we’re just hearing about them more in a vile attempt on our representatives parts to reach us, the constituent, “the people”. It seems like everyone from Barack Obama to Rep. Gabby Giffords to our glorified city councilmen & women (a.k.a. State Senators) are hosting them.

Have you every been to one? Luckily, I have, so I can share my experience with you. As someone with an interest in North Fulton County, I attended a town hall meeting hosted by Senator John Albers. It was formally arranged with a venue, newsletter invitation and a decorous start time. I was greeted by about 5 other constituents and about 15 volunteers from the Albers campaign team (this I know because I was one of them). People were scattered around seats like a 3pm viewing of the new Fast & Furious movie. The Senator was then “introduced” (wait, I thought this was supposed to be some community get-together, not an event to honor a celebrity?) . He began talking to at the crowd few constituents that braved the event and there was a question and answer session to follow (brief, because whats to talk about?) Then we left.

Not much was accomplished, not much was established…just a little gloating on the part of a local politician. The same one that is “one of us” and “wants to hear from us”. I can say with confidence that 5 people don’t represent the greater population of Roswell. But BOY OH BOY would you think they did. Of course this event (yes, we went from THM to event) was highly publicized–with photos–and let me tell you, from the angle the photo was taken, you would have thought that house was PACKED!

That leads me to the why. Why do politicians host town hall meetings? They aren’t to sway an elected officials’ opinion on a topic. They may be for constituents to present ideas for officials to work on legislation for…but I’m not convinced. They may be an opportunity for constituents to complain about legislation that was passed during session (like, maybe about a bike law that was passed in such a vague fashion it makes you want to cringe because you know that a 5 year old could pick out the issues with the contents (or lack there of) of the bill) but the legislation is already passed, so there isn’t really much action that can be taken. That really only leaves one thing: re-election.

Town hall meetings aren’t about the people, they are about the politician. They are about looking like they are constantly out in the public, talking, mingling, etc. They are an image thing. It’s all about staying in the public eye. Thankfully, voters are wising up. Stepping up to the plate and doing their research and realizing that image isn’t everything and it’s more about what legislators can actually do for the community and its’ people.

Be Everything Michelle Obama Thinks You Should Be

If you are my Facebook friend, you may remember my oh-so-controversial Facebook posting/thread a few months back regarding Michelle Obama’s visit to North Point Community Church to promote her “Let’s Move!” initiative against childhood obesity. (Did you know that during her ‘lunch break’ at this event she had Jim&Nicks BBQ catered in? Healthy choice, Lady O.)  Well, here we go again…

The Atlantic Wire recently published an article by Adam Clark Estes, “Signs America is Losing the War on Childhood Obesity”, discussing Michelle Obama’s recent initiatives:

  • recruiting chefs to speak about healthy eating
  • teaching school children ‘fun’ exercise routines
  • advocating for new regulations to keep junk food off of kid’s minds (We will get to this in a momemnt, but parents will do WHAT THEY WANT in their home.  If they want to serve their child icecream for dinner on a Friday night, then they certainly can and ‘advocating for new regulations’ serves a purpose for a different agenda than that of ‘keeping junk food off kid’s minds’.

Michelle Obama’s small program hardly bothered me like the proactivity taking place across the nation:

  • Texas: 5 San Antonio elementary schools will photograph lunch trays before and after the students eat.  They will track intake and how much each student is eating. (Can you say Big Brother?? Sure, the information will only be disclosed to parents and researchers, but at what point does photographing a child and their food choices PREVENT childhood obesity?? Photographs are only recording ‘evidence’. 
  • Illinois: a state Senator suggested parents of obese children lose their $2000 deduction for children. (Ok, ok, I am probably the biggest critic of this entire program and now you’re going to tell me that children who are deemed obese BY THE GOVERNMENT will be TAXED-or not taxed- differently??)
  • Georgia: The Stop Childhood Obesity organization is using slogans to talk to children in their own environments.  Their most favorite motto, If you continue eating junk food and overeating, “you will die before your parents’. (This entire program is spearheaded by liberals, the same group of people who come up with a mental health disorder for every issue and as an excuse for every action.  If they’re so concerned about mental health, they may want to consider the fact that statements like this will encourage eating disorders down the road.)
  • Michigan: A little less than 1/3 of parents stated that they were open to child gastric bypasses. Low-income and minorities were more open to them than anyone. (So now were going to fight childhood obesity through the EASY WAY OUT, a.k.a invasive surgical procedures.  Ahh, I get it.)
  • D.C.: Michelle Obama visited different schools to dance to Beyonce. (I actually think this may be the most effective means of fighting childhood obesity.  The sight of this alone will make anyone never want to eat again.)

Let us not forget the position of Michelle Obama and her own image.  Michelle Obama claims to be a size 10 and quite fit for here 5’11 figure, however, studies have shown that her declared measurements are not possible.  She is more like a 16 with a hip measurement of 46′.  Sure, her arms are cut which is why she chooses to wear sleeveless dress and tops all the time, but in all actually, Mrs. Obama ain’t that fit. (See below.) 5’11 or not, she is not a figure I would like to mimic.

All fat that aside, Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If that happiness is being overweight, than so be it.  Whether it is healthy or it is not, it is a CHOICE that we can make and it isn’t something that should be monitored, recorded or taxed! It is a CHOICE that parents make for their children and it isn’t a place for any figurehead or government leader.

Besides, if we weren’t offering to pay for everyone’s healthcare, it wouldn’t really matter what diseases people developed because the government wouldn’t be footing the bill.  People would be held accountable for their own decisions and if they suffered complications from being obese, they would pay for it.

More Heat in the Classrooms

It appears that a good deal of my blogs address the life messages targeted at today’s youth.  It may seem repetitive at times but it is important to note all the different directions from which our youth is being imperceptibly brainwashed.  The article discussed below is a step in the right direction but hardly a success.  While we are constantly being “nudged”, we have to be persistent on shoving back in order to establish an educational system that is balanced and unbiased and get our youth back on track.

Last week the Los Alamitos Unified School District ordered schools and teachers to give an annual presentation on the instruction of ‘controversial’ advanced placement (AP) courses for the next school year. As defined by the article, a topic is ‘controversial’ if there is “more than one widely held view’ on the issue (according to Assistant Superintendent Sherry Kropp).  The effort to assess the stance from which subjects are taught was headed by conservative school board member Jeffrey Barke over a new course covering environmental science and global warming (other topics in the course include population dynamics, evolution and biodiversity, pollution, ozone depletion and human health and toxicity).  Barke stated, “Most teachers are left to center, and if we leave it to teachers to impose their liberal views, then it would make for an unbalanced lesson…Some people believe that global warming is a crock of crap, and others are zealots.”  Barke claims he simply wants both sides of the argument to be presented throughout the class.

Thankfully, the board vote 4-0 that this was a necessary measure, especially since the class is expected to be popular and reach upwards of 15,000 students during the next school year.

Like I stated above, the request and vote in-favor of ensuring a well-balanced course is a step in the right direction, but we’re not there yet.  It’s a little reassuring to see that people are taking note that education is skewed and students deserve a balanced upbringing in this instution. However,  it still leaves the questions of how will the school board guarantee that the teachers remain unbiased about the side they don’t necessarily agree with? And how, at the end of the year, will students be assessed to ensure that both sides were covered equally, and not as one side -fact and one side-opinion?

The point of school is not to TELL students what and how to think, but to introduce facts and allow students to think critically for themselves and establish their own thoughts and opinions. There has been such a ruckus to keep God and religion out of public schools, to make sure all textbooks are politically correct as not to include certain terms from the Civil War and the Civil Rights movement and now we are even trying to impose feminism on everyone to ensure that a woman is called a waiter not a waitress. Where do you draw the line? It seems to me that schools have extracted any trace of conservatism and implemented all forms of liberalism, so much so as to push the limits of progressivism.  If extraction is the course we are going to take, it must happen on both sides of the spectrum.  Same goes for employing both sides in an argument.  But whether you take it or leave it, it’s like algebra….what you do to one side, you must do to the other.  And by doing that, you are left with one thing: facts.

Here is the link to the textbook that will be used for the course: http://www.google.com/products/catalog?hl=en&q=textbook+:,+%E2%80%9CLiving+in+the+Environment,%E2%80%9D&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=11141072175406725121#

You can read the article here from the Los Alamitos Patch here: http://losalamitos.patch.com/articles/global-warming

Bro’s, Hoe’s and Common at the White House.

Let us start this blog with a small (mental) poll….

-Raise your hand if you think The White House should be a place for leaders, diplomats and politicians. (Partisanship aside, we’re talking about what it SHOULD represent)
-Raise your hand if you think meetings with the President of the United States (POTUS) should serve some greater purpose, not to exclude honoring troops and heroes.
-Raise your hand if you think The White House and the people, meetings and activities within it represent the United States as a whole.

If you raised your hand (or would have) to any of the above questions, you might will be disgusted by what Michelle Obama did this time.

A recent article in the Huffington Post mocking the conservative discord for Michelle Obama extending an invitation to the rapper Common, really irritated me. (You can read it here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/05/10/outrage-common-white-house-poetry-michelle-obama_n_859945.html)

The author of the article repeatedly referred to the rapper as “a poet” being invited to the White House– just a ‘poet’ that recites aboout violence.

The author paraphrases one of the songs: “a “letter” to the source of moral authority written from the perspective of inner city black youths who feel that the police don’t protect them, that the media loves to blow up and then tear down their community’s celebrities and that the government has been acting more gangsta — in terms of their invasion/occupation of Iraq — than they could ever hope”.

On the other hand, conservatives are outraged not only because Common has done nothing for this country or society, but also because he rapped some inappropriate lyrics about former President George W. Bush, with a push to bring violence against him.

Liberals and supporters of Common claim that his work is not violence and he is just like any other poet, expressing his feelings and leaving his words for interpretation by many for many years to come. Well, that very well may be true…but…

Aside from the fact that Barack Obama is leading us through multiple wars and occupancy in other countries, we have a failing economy, a crashing dollar, high unemployment and a lingering immigration problem across our nation, I have to wonder where the **** he finds time to have a rapper (who cannot disentangle any of these issues) over for dinner??

Thumbs up, Geraldo!!

I had originally planned to discuss the recent fabrication by Senator John Albers (R-56) that he had something to do with the implementation of child identification kits in the community (Falsely, seeing as though they were not his idea, nor did he have any larger role in implementing them than any other member of the Alpharetta Public Safety Foundation), but given the events of the last 3 hours (and the fact that Senator Albers needs minimal press due to the fact that he galavants around town tooting his own horn anyways), I felt it was necessary to address the Osama Bin Laden “victory” instead.

I had just finished watching The Real Housewives of Orange County when Andy Cohen started his show ‘Watch What Happens Live!’ with “Where were you when you found out Osama bin Laden was dead?” Hmm, I don’t know. I didn’t think it happend yet?? Oh, but it had! Curious, I changed the channel to Fox News. I don’t always particularly care for them but, hey-it was better than CNN or CBS. Geraldo was on. He always adds a painfully, yet usually unnecesary, emotional spin to things. Multitasking, I thought I heard him say “Obama is dead.” No way. Rewind. Yep, he said it. If you YouTube “Geraldo Obama Osama slip up” you will see not only the nice footage but that this isn’t Geraldos first Obama/Osama slip up.

Irritated with the nonsense, I switched to my Facebook to see what others were saying…sadly, I was met with more nonsense. “Yes we can! Change is here y’all!!”, “It took a Democrat to do it!” and complaints of Obama being referred to as “Mr Obama” instead of “President Obama” flooded my News Feed. Is this really happening??

It may sound extreme, but seeing all the outrageous postings, media and text messages, I really considered throwing my TV, computer and cell phone right off my balcony.

The fact of the matter is….right now our country is more vulnerable than before. Killing Osama bin Laden is not the end of the road, merely a fork. While a figure head, OBL really is no more than that. It seems like a bold statement, but did OBL personally carry out any of the attacks? In fact, he personally never took credit for any of them…Who did? His followers. The intricate web of al-Qaeda ties spread throughout the world is no different than deciphering how you know friend #646 on Facebook. Worried yet?

Right winger, liberal progressive, anti-government tyrant or conspiracy theorist, it really doesn’t matter. You should be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed enough to understand that al-Qaeda is not done. Sleeper cells will wake. Our people have taken to the streets to celebrate. Our leaderS are thrilled. But soon this will fizzle some. The US government will in turn make suggestions about what we should do next. And with suggestions, come legislation. (**It would behoove the American people to pay close attention to legislation in the coming months. The US has a tendancy to lose liberties in times of tragedy, urgency and most importantly, when people are “rallying ’round the flag”, so to speak. The greatest example: the USA PATRIOT Act**)

All of this leaves me with some pretty deep questions. In terms of power plays, this is a victory for the US, a ‘plus one’ on the scoreboard, but at what cost? If you so believe everything the government has told you in the last 10 years (without doing any independent research on your own) then why are you making this political? And why are you not thanking the troops? Why are you sleeping more soundly tonight than you did last night? And most importantly, do you really understand what’s next for our country?

Post Post, Tweet Tweet…Dollars Lost

With the explosion of social media over the last 5 years, it seems like you can’t see anything or anyone without a reference to Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. Advertisements for products encourage you to “Like” them on Facebook and celebrities want to be “followed” on Twitter. All of these seem like great forms of networking, but there is one realm that has me questioning its’ benefits and efficiency: politics.

Felipe Calderón, President of Mexico, has a very active Twitter account, and President Obama uses both Twitter and Facebook to post about what he is doing and his upcoming 2012 campaign. U.S. Congressman and Senators alike use both forms to update constituents on legislation, debates, etc. But lets be honest…these representatives aren’t personally blogging, tweeting and posting. Most will even admit to it…they don’t have the time or the interest to personally do it. So why don’t we talk about the representatives on a local level, who don’t have the staff or budget to have someone do it.

The Georgia legislative session just wrapped up last week and I realized that I knew a lot of more than usual in terms of what was going on down at the Capitol this spring, mainly because it was all over my Facebook page. It seemed like every time I checked my page, my News Feed was flooded with minute by minute updates of what was happening RIGHT THEN. Seems like a positive, right? We constantly complain that politics is too secretive and too many decisions are made behind closed doors. But with constant updates, posting of pictures of each other on the Senate and House floors, one has to wonder…what did they actually accomplish down there this session??

I took note of several representatives who posted what day of the session it was and what was on the calendar. It then seemed to be followed up with a picture of the calendar, who was speaking and even a personal photo with someone who appeared that day. Sen John Albers and many representatives have Facebook pages that they update personally and use to keep in touch with the public. I think it would be worth your time to look at them and see if you think any of them were posting too much. (Hint: The answer is yes. I actually sat in a marketing meeting to discuss the use of social networking and one of the referenced legislators was frowned upon because of how excessive he had become.)

I actually saw a Senator complain that the last day of the session had a full calendar. If you have followed my blog at all, you would know that the Georgia Senate allocated TWO DAYS of Senate time (more like, tax payer time) to “honor” professional athletes. Maybe if they hadn’t done that, the calendar would have been a little more free for the final days to discuss important things like immigration (which passed, but in a painfully weak manner) and the budget. And if the calendar is so full, then stop posting every hour, get off Facebook and get to work!

I’m all in favor of Senators and Congressmen posting what was accomplished that day,but don’t you think that could be done at the end of the day? A nice summary of what happened, what bills were debated, etc etc. It is not necessary, however, to post every two hours that you had lunch with someone from your district, your kid visited (with an added photo) and that your wife just got bifocals! Frequent postings serve no purpose and are a WASTE OF TAX-PAYER DOLLARS. It seems to me that legislators have become too enthralled with the fame of being in the public spot light that they’ve forgotten that they are public servants and it isn’t all about the photos or opportunities to meet people they see as celebrities. Legislators get so caught up in “staying in the minds of constituents” that they end up portraying the message that they aren’t really doing anything down there at the Capitol, except adding friends and expanding their Mobile Uploads folder.

And lets face it…if they were really acting as “public servants” as so many of them like to remind us in their monthly newsletters, they wouldn’t have to tell us all of the things they have accomplished because they wouldn’t be looking for praise….They would simply being doing their jobs.

The Fulton County Radicals

With the exception of the Real Housewives of Orange County & Beverly Hills, I’ve made a real effort to watch less T.V. and read more. (Okay, I watch Bethenny Ever After…too)  Not-so-surprisingly, I’ve learned a lot more than  I have from my reality t.v. trash.  I’m always looking for new and different things to read-though I generally stay in the realm of politics and policy.  I recently was at Barnes & Noble and saw the Summer Reading Table. In an attempt to take a trip down Memory Lane, I saw the book “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky. Hmm…I thought, I never read that in high school.

My first thought was to turn the book over and read the back cover…

First published in 1971, Rules for Radicals  is Saul Alinsky’s impassioned counsel to young radicals on how to affect constructive social change and “know the difference between being a realistic radical and being a rhetorical one”…Like Thomas Paine before him, Alinsky was able to combine both in his person and his writing, the intensity of political engagement with an absolute insistence on rational political discourse and adherence to the American democratic tradition.”

What the ….Intrigued by what high schoolers these days are learning, I purchased the book, even though I cringed at the thought of buying a book that both Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton were influenced by (Is that who convinced her to wear those hideous suits?????).  I had no idea what that $14 would buy me…

Little did I know that the book would be full of offensive anti-Christian remarks, tips on how to destroy the middle class through fear and power and a How-To section on how to quietly start a revolution in our country.  I figured I’d save you all the cash (and the brain seizure) so you could know what children are reading in school.

First and foremost, even before the prologue, the book references Lucifer in a dedicational quote,

“Lest we not forget at least in an over the shoulder acknowledgement to the very first radical…the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom– Lucifer” –Saul Alinsky.

The following headers are the corresponding chapters of this stroke-inducing book.
The Purpose: Alinsky references The Prince by Machiavelli for the ‘Haves’ on how to hold power.  He said Rules for Radicals is for the ‘Have Nots’ on how to take it away
-He claims its “better to die on your feet than to live on your knees” and this means revolution.
-The General Welfare is always the top priority and Radicals need to have control
-Radicals must induce a moral revelation among the Haves–a paranoid fear.

Of Means and Ends
-“He who fears corruption, fears life” (p 25)
-Moral principles cover naked self-interest in the clothing of freedom
-“Means and ends goals must be phrased in terms like ‘Pursuit of Happiness’, ‘Liberty, Equality and Fraternity’ and “General Welfare” in order to be persuasive.

A Word About Words
-The idea of Power, must use it with conflict, cruelty and dishonesty; don’t strive to avoid force, conflict is NOT negative, “To know power and not fear it is essential to its’ constructive use and control (p 53).
-Compromise is a weakness and a betrayal of ideals
-The EGO of the organizer is more monumental than that of the leader of the HAVES; the EGO must be contagious.

The Education of an Organizer
-Alinsky details how he constructed a 15-month “organizer” program to teach people how to form a revolution. Members included Black Panthers and militant Indians; Alinksy also stresses the need for “on-the-job organizers” who will cause chaos in their own work place.
-Patience, Alinsky says, must be held when teaching the ‘unimaginative, limited students who are impatient, bored and inexcusably rude’.
-You must construct experiences for students
-Experiences of trying to educate organizers is nowhere near as successful as it needs to be as this process will take years.

-“Communication takes place when “they” understand what you’re trying to get across to them (p 81).
-People relate on common experiences…if you cannot find one that you relate on, CREATE one.
-Focus on the goal, manipulation, and wean the group away from the current status.
-Stay away from big issues that are complex; start small
-Secure absorption and understanding

In the Beginning
-“The job of the organizer is to manuever and bait the establishment so that it will publicly attack him as a ‘dangerous enemy’ (p 100)…Now the organizer has a “birth certificate” (ironic in the Barack Obama scenario, eh?) and can begin.
-If someone asks, ‘Who asked you to do this?’ or ‘Who told you to come here?’, answer, “You did!”

-Never go outside the experiences of your people.
-Go outside the experience of your enemy, create confusion, chaos and finally their retreat.
-Remind them that they cannot live up to their own standards, just as “The Christian Church cannot live up to Christianity” (p 128).
-Remember that ridicule is a man’s most potent weapon, there is no retaliation.
-If you push a negative hard and deep enough, it will break through.
-Alinsky encourages people to “paralyze the law” and evade responsibility.
-He uses an example of an event in a theater.  He encourages 100 people to come to the event with extremely smelly clothes, body odors and food in their belongings.  They won’t be breaking the law and therefore the police will be helpless (essentially, paralyzing the law) but the event will be cancelled and attention will be drawn to the drive of the group against middle-class institutions.

The Genesis of Tactic Proxy
Establishes a difference between facts and history
-Introduces a nationwide organization, with a headquarters in Chicago or New York City

The Way Ahead
-“An organization for action upon white, middle class” (p 184)
-People must be reformed, become numb, bewildered, scared into silence
-Manifestation of a revolution in the corporate sector
-On college campuses (**Read One Party Classroom by David Horowitz for more information on how progressive ideology has been infiltrated into college campuses).

—-Are you mad yet??

That leaves us with ‘why?’.  Why is this book a required summer reading book in public schools where the learning environment should be FACT-BASED and without bias? Why is this book targeted toward high school students who are often at a crossroads seeking independence and are that much more malleable? Why aren’t parents reading what their children are being forced to read in school? Why aren’t parents mad that this extremism has penetrated the school system, and so openly that it goes unnoticed? And coming from a liberals viewpoint (gasp!) how is this book even allowed in schools with its frequent references to God, Moses, and its’ citations of verses from The Bible? Is it because it is in a negative light, God and Christians as the enemy?

Bottom  line: If you’d like your child to have the opportunity to become a radical revolutionary, enroll them in a Fulton County High School…they’ll be a radical before you know it….SERIOUSLY!