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Keep Tootin’ That TSPLOST Horn…

I feel like the TSPLOST will never die, even though the taxpayers bludgeoned it last summer. This week, a legislator from North Fulton threw down some legislation which would remove the penalty that local municipalities are facing after rejecting the TSPLOST. Senate bill 73 would remove a penalty, which coincides with the current clause that says ‘if a region failed to pass the referendum, every local government in that region must provide a 30 percent match to receive any Local Maintenance and Improvement Grants’ (often used for road and bridge maintenance). This would obviously be deflected onto taxpayers.

So, at first glance,it appears that Senator John Albers of Roswell does have some sense (It almost causes me physical pain to say that, though he is still untrustworthy and lacking a true value in the legislature.) Albers claimed in a press release that the measure was un-American  and unfortunate. We all know Albers likes to champion himself on efficiency and ‘for the people’, but the more I thought about it, this is really a champion of nothing. Legislators voted in favor of this in 2010 and put it to the voters who said ‘hell no’. You can’t vote in favor of something, then oppose it publicly and then spearhead legislation to repeal it. It doesn’t work like that. Sure, Albers wasn’t in office when this was passed, but some of the co-sponsors were, and I can assure you some of the prospective ‘yea’ voters were as well. So here we are: after having a mistake forced on us, we are supposed to applaud the correction? No.

Like I’ve said many-a-times: I am thankful that our legislature is more conservative than liberal, yes, but please– do something conservative and follow through. Stop wasting time on resolutions when the federal government is working daily to trample state’s rights and individual liberties. Stop generating legislation that requires fixing a year or two later. Stop reading resolutions for out of state sports teams. Don’t respond to my letter regarding guns on campus by copy-pasting some statistics from the internet and imply more restrictions ‘may be necessary’ when you’re a Republican. Do something worth applauding. Serve the people. Be accountable. Like for real- get it together.


The 2nd Amendment: Give it back to students

Below is a copy of my letter to my State Representative (and some others that I respect) regarding 2nd amendment privileges on non-traditional college campuses:

January 16, 2013

Representative Edward Lindsey
415 State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334

CC: Representative Chuck Martin, Representative B.J. Pak, Representative Paulette Braddock,
Senator Hunter Hill, Senator Judson Hill, Senator Brandon Beach

Re: Second Amendment privileges on alternative college campuses.

Dear Representative Lindsey,

My name is Jessica ________ and I am one of your constituents. I am currently enrolled in the Masters of Public Administration program at the University of Georgia, though I attend the satellite campus in Gwinnett. If you’re not familiar with this campus, it is a multi-story office complex that serves as an alternative campus for working graduate and doctoral students. The “campus”, which includes classrooms, study rooms, a library and a few administrative offices, encompasses the entire first floor of the building, with corporate offices on floors two and three.

As I know you are aware, firearms are prohibited on any college campus, regardless of a carry permit presence or gun caliber. As a Georgia State alum, I recognize the vulnerability of students on a college campuses and I feel that vulnerability is no less simply because my current campus is in a suburb. A “gun-free” zone, regardless of location, places students at an unfair advantage. I recognized the true disadvantage when I was informed by campus personnel that even “non-traditional” campuses fall under prohibited zones. Students have no barriers, as most walls and doors are made of glass and doors open outwards into the hallways (I’m sure you recall the dilemma with this in the Virginia Tech case). Without the ability to protect themselves, the only line of defense is to duck.

Classes at the Gwinnett campus often begin late-afternoon or early evening and release late and after dark. This is true of other campuses, such as the Georgia State campus in Alpharetta, the Terry Business School in Buckhead and the Georgia Perimeter satellite campuses across metro Atlanta. Further, nearly 100% of these students are graduate level and higher, therefore invalidating any argument regarding firearms in the hands of minors or those not eligible for a carry permit.

I understand that a blanket permit of firearms on campuses across Georgia is a long shot, especially in this political climate. I am, however, asking for proposed legislation which would allow firearms on alternative campuses which are adjacent to business offices. Business persons have no restrictions on their second amendment, however, as a student, I immediately stripped of my right to bear arms simply because of a ‘status’, even though we are all operating in the same building. Not only am I student, I, along with my classmates, am a sitting duck with a label of “potential victim”. I believe Georgia can do better and I believe students deserve better.

I welcome your feedback.



Jessica _________

My General Assembly Agenda. Now hop to it.

I’m not an elected official-nor do I ever intend to be, and no one ever asks me, but I’m just saying…here’s what needs to be done during the 2013 session of the Georgia General Assembly.

I want to see a strong emphasis on the 10th amendment. Protect the rights of the states. Be proactive, for the love of Pete. Please stop waiting until something happens…act now!

  • Nullify Obamacare
  • Nullify the NDAA
  • Nullify any legislation that would restrict our 2nd amendment rights. While you’re at it, why don’t you loosen the reins on our gun laws right now. They are a bit too stringent for a freedom-loving person like myself, anyways.
  • Deny the Atlanta Falcons any funding for the new stadium. It’s unnecessary and I don’t care where the money comes from, it does not need to go to some snazzy stadium that could and should be privately funded.
  • Ethics reform. Those of us who have any clue as to what is really going on know that you cannot legislate morals or ethics. If a legislator wants to be sneaky or take bribes, they will, whether there is legislation in place or not. But the constituents want it. They have no faith in the system right now. So, just do it. We are all waiting. We’ve been waiting.
  • Continued justice system reform. Long are the days where offenders got away with anything. Our systems are inundated with harmless and meaningless offenses. The courts are bogged down with paperwork and the lags for prosecution are out of control. Reform starts in the general assembly. Why don’t we work to decriminalize certain traffic offenses and victimless crimes? I don’t know about you, but I’m more deterred from speeding by a fine than points on my license.
  • Care to try again on the Sunset Bill that our Governor vetoed last year? I’m still wondering when we are going to hold government agencies accountable.

How many of these do you think will be accomplished?? I’ll pray for wisdom, control and restraint.

But My Mom Says I’m Perfect…Just The Way I am!


Grad school has begun again. Usually, it’s busy and stressful in the beginning and then I tune out and just go through the motions. This time is a bit different. I’m taking a class called…GROUP CHANGE. It’s difficult because I don’t like groups and I don’t like change. It’s also an elective outside of my program with a whole new set of unknown, unpredictable liberal commies. It didn’t start well when my teacher asked me if I had worked on the Obama campaign when I mentioned I worked in politics. (Way to show your colors early, lady!)

We did this NASA Survival activity where you pretend that your space ship crashed on the moon (I think mine did years ago, by the way) and you have 15 items. You have to number the items 1-15 as to how important you believe they would be to your survival. You can see the entire exercise here. My first 4 items were oxygen, water, food and 2 .45 pistols. None of the other items seem to matter (matches, flare gun…um, people….we just crashed on the moon. There is no air. A solar-powered FM transmitter? Leave it behind). Of course, not one of my group members selected keeping the gun in the top 10 and ultimately, I lost out and had to surrender my gun in our group presentation. I pushed hard to keep it and even offered to give up my food. They weren’t having it. One even said, “No way, guns are bad.”  Yes. Even hypothetically…in a space-shuttle crash, the liberals still want me to give up my rights.

Then the teacher explained the use of the books for class, –one of them titled “Helping”– and she explained how we would be able to look into ourselves, evaluate and change to be better group workers after this course. “We’re all in this together!”, she said. [No. We’re not. I’m all about the individual.] She then explained that by the end of the course, we will have a sense of how to ‘facilitate’ others into the group mentality as well and co-participate.

So let me get this straight: I need help. I need to change. I need to shift to collectivism and rely on others while helping those others shift towards a group mentality as well? You can ask my mom and my boyfriend: I am stuck in my ways, stubborn as they come and I’m not changing. In this instance, I consider that a good thing. What’s scary to me, though, is that my cohort members do not see any of the underlying messages being projectile vomited into their laps. The liberal bias of education no longer surprises me, however, the increase of ‘in your face’ in denouncing of individualism and self-accomplishment is just baffling to me.

Graduate school has taught me very little about the field, but taught me priceless information in terms of stamina, patience, strength and keeping my mouth shut. As a whole, it’s been a learning experience for government funding, the student loan process (the lack of checks and balances pertaining to the dispersion) and a look inside the post-secondary educational arena as a whole. The countdown is on. July 31st…I’m waiting for you. I’m sure the university will be happy to see me go as well.

My 30 Second Elevator Speech on Last Night in 21


My thirty-second blurp on last night:

A HUGE HUGE GIANT congratulations to Brandon Beach in Senate 21. A dedicated grassroots effort pulled it out.  I always find it a tad more glorious when politicians lose out after vacating a seat to seek a “better” or “more powerful” position. Not only did Will the Winner cost taxpayers thousands after we just had a primary in July, Jerguson added to that cost by abandoning his seat after he was also challenged in July. Clearly, the voters wanted him as a Rep, and told him so in July. He got a bit antsy… Now he has nada.

Had it not been for his abandonment, however, true public servant Scot Turner would not have had the opportunity to run again and give the people of Cherokee substantial representation. While it’s unfortunate that Turner was just shy of the 50%+1 vote, I’m confident he can pull out a win against not-so-organized, barely-able-to-overcome-a-Dem-in-Cherokee Brian Laurens in the runoff. Besides, Turner  was the only one who cared enough to challenge an incumbent in July’s primary.

So, it continues…but we know how I really feel.

You’re not ready for that, Bro!

DISCLOSURE: I am not employed for any campaign in the House District 21 Special election, nor am I employed for any company working on any campaign in the race. I do not live in Cherokee county and cannot vote for any of the candidates. The following blog post is based solely on personal interactions and in no way reflects any other campaign.

On Facebook, there is a ‘group’ titled “Cherokee Young Republicans”. Because it is a group, notifications are sent out whenever posts are made. On New Years Eve, I received posts because candidate Brian Laurens had posted in the group. He posted about his being the ‘right man for the job’ to which I questioned why he waited until the incumbent stepped down if he was the right man for the job. You can see the interaction below:

laurens2laurens3So, I missed the screen shot on my entire comment, but, basically I was drawing attention to the fact that if this seat is so important because of the ISSUES affecting Cherokee county, it wouldn’t matter if there was an incumbent or not. It would be solely about the people of Cherokee. We can see by Mr. Laurens comments that he could care less that I’m not a constituent, but only because I’m not donating money. He also attempted to discredit me by associating me with another campaign based upon previous work experience, which is also false.  You can check where Laurens received his out-of-district donations by visiting here, but I think it’s obvious that Mr. Laurens couldn’t care less about citizen input unless there is money involved. Instead of responding, Mr. Laurens deleted the post. (I knew he would…thus the screen shots.)

Mr. Laurens also posted about pledging the Fair Tax. As a campaign consultant and as a Georgia taxpayer, I can’t stand when candidates make empty promises that they cannot single-handedly uphold. You can pledge to refuse lobby donations and you can pledge to host town hall meetings, heck, you can pledge to only wear black suits. You cannot pledge to champion legislation. Sorry. It just doesn’t work that way. He included a picture of his mailer and of course, I called him out. He responded as seen below.
Now- it seems to me that Mr. Laurens has forgotten that while he may be the direct representative of the residents in Cherokee county, he has the ability to affect every citizen in Georgia. To break it down for you on a very basic level, Brian, it means your actions are part of a greater body that works toward all kinds of people from all parts of the state. Therefore, I have every right to an opinion about what you ‘pledge’ to do.

It’s no secret that Mr. Laurens doesn’t care for me as a blogger (as he has made quite clear during interactions with me and an employer) and he didn’t appreciate my lack of brown-nosing to former Senator Chip Rogers. Is that really cause for public dismissal?

Mr. Laurens shows his “outpouring of support” from the community and leaders across Cherokee…

Yet, just a few days later, Mr. Laurens posted on his Facebook page that he doesn’t care about any endorsements. Just the people.
laurens.postBUT!  This was just days after a series of Georgia Right to Life endorsement pushes and posts, and likely mailers.

So which one is it, Brian? Do you care about the leaders in Cherokee or do you care about the voters? According to your posts, it can’t be both. And please don’t go all John Kerry on us.
I think we are all tired of dismissive and condescending males who think they have a shoe-in to public office because of who they know.  I think it’s clear that Mr. Laurens is not cut out for this office at this time. Maybe after a little growing and a little humility, things will be different.

Also, you can’t put your own kid on the Georgia- Right to Life endorsement. That’s cheating.