The Princess Boy

My 5 and 6 year-old little friends, who I must say have more sense than a lot of 35 and 36 year-olds, love to read and so consequently, we take a lot of trips to the book store.

Every time we go, I find a few books that are disturbing or that aren’t a “good choice” for the girls. But the most disturbing book I have encountered to date was in the nonfiction section by Cheryl Kilodavis titled My Princess Boy-A Mom’s Story About a Young Boy Who Loves to Dress Up.

The story line goes a little bit like this

The little boy in the story loves to dress up in dresses, wear pink and even wears a pink dress to his own Birthday party.  The mom calls him (privately and publicly) “My Princess Boy” and details how hurt they both are when people laugh at him in public.  The final page reads “If you see him, will you laugh at him? Will you call him a name? WIll you play with him? Will you like him for who he is?”

Now, this book may seem simple and straight to the point…no bullying, accept people for who they are, etc. etc. But there are a couple of things that are VERY wrong with this.
1) The author is trying to imply that society will be, and SHOULD BE for that matter, accepting of boys dressing like girls.  I’d have to say this isn’t so true.  People do stare.  People do laugh.  People do judge. We are different genders with different labels. They are not intertwining.  It’s one thing for a little boy who has sister or lots of girl friends to be dressed up, play with dolls, etc etc…but no one is telling him that he should go out in public like that, or wear a dress to his Birthday party. It is not the norm to see a boy wearing a dress. To say otherwise isn’t promoting an idea of acceptance, it’s promoting ignorance.
2) The purpose of the final page is GUILT, and only guilt.  A young child reading this book would feel bad for not accepting a boy dressing like a girl.  With everything going on in the world, children are already targets of persuasion.  Institutions are constantly insisting that we not leave others out, accept one another, don’t judge a book by its’ cover, the list goes on.  Certainly in life, the goal is not to make others feel bad about who they are, but you cannot imply that we must accept the lifestyles other choose, just because they choose them.

Further, such heavy and biased issues don’t really belong in a children’s book. Issues such as this should be discussed in the home, based on religious (if applicable) and personal views of the family, not by a woman who is suggesting that society should be accepting of something simply because she accepts her own son in that context.

*While looking for a picture of the book to include on the blog, a Google search produced ‘My Princee Boy-The Website” It can be found here:
It details the book and the mission of the author.  The real princess boy has made appearances on Joy Behar (surprise), the Today show and shows overseas….in his pink dress and a tutu.


3 thoughts on “The Princess Boy

  1. Edward

    Thank you for covering this topic. It is one that utterly infuriates me. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with a child’s freedom of expression and individuality and everything to do with this extemely selfish woman! MY Princess Boy – A MOM”S Story…I am waiting to hear about this poor child and all she can do is talk about herself. Not too mention the exploitation of this child. 100% shamelss. No matter how ill-conceived and ulterior the motives, one’s own views and methods of raising their children are and should be just that, one’s own. Don’t force my children and the rest of society to change their morale standards to conform to your sociological experiment. This poor kid…just one less person my kids will be able to hire someday.

  2. Hillary

    I hate to say this, but this woman will regret her “5 minutes to fame” at some point in her life. She has taken the liberty to place her child on to a stage of mockery. I am certain that his male playmates (if he is allowed to have them) make fun of him to his face and behind his back. She has taken her son from being a child and turned him into an object – an object of ridicule. She will rue the day she decided to play dress-up with her son and prance him around the country – that will be the day the young man decides he can no longer deal with the pain and agony – that will be the day he takes his life.

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