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Happy First Birthday to The Perspicacious Conservative!!
Over the last year, I’ve had 80 posts, 194 comments (not including those on Facebook debates) and over 10,000 hits!!! I thought my readers may be interested in a few search terms over the last 12 months.

Classic search terms in the 1st year of The Perspicacious Conservative
(These are ones that search terms I just found comical)
“Is there bug poop in candy?” [Yes, there is.]
“on what day did MLK have a dream.”
“Michelle Obama is fat”
“chickens on the looses”
“I left the water running, now what?”
“babies who have lost their gender”

The Most Searched Terms That Directed People to the PC
(most frequently googled)
“roswell chicken man”
“john albers senate bill 63”
“Troy Davis”
“Amana Academy”
“girl scouts”
“David Belle Isle”
“andrew wordes”
“dignity for the unemployed negatives”
“bug poop in candy”

Most Popular Posts of the Last Year
1. “The Roswell Chicken Man and his fight for his Constitutionally Protected Rights
-In an effort to help a man who experienced horrific treatment by the City of Roswell, this was truly the most meaningful issue I covered. It could happen to any of us.
2. “The Fate of the Chicken Man
-A follow up to “The Roswell Chicken Man and his fight for his Constitutionally Protected Rights, this was the second most popular post.
3. “SB-63 and a bunch of other hidden stuff, too
-As my very first post, it was surprising to me that this post continually got hits throughout the year (and still does!)
4. “What happened to Milton County?”
-This post was particular fascinating for the comments that followed.. Not only did readers argue with readers, Senator Albers’ wife used a fake email address and name in an attempt to retaliate for “bad press”. Not the way to go about it when everything can be tracked. (And it was.)
Tied for 5th:
-“Why the Amana Academy has the right to expand
More pleased than myself should be my Public Administration & Democracy teacher for whom I wrote this paper. Originally a research analysis, it was exciting to see so many people read this post before Amana Academy/council hearings in Alpharetta.
-“Person of the Week: David Belle Isle
And rightfully so. What a celebration it was!!!
7. “Going through it like it’s water!”
– In the heat of the election season for Roswell City Council, this posting stirred up significant emotion between candidates, constituents and the Roswell VFW Commander. Lee Fleck, who ran for Roswell City Council, provided me with some very powerful evidence.
8. “The Tackling of Tim Tebows Character

You’ll also notice that it’s no longer “…it’s official!!

All in all, it has been interesting and exciting to share my views with others and get feedback…of all kinds!! I’ve been asked to remove the blog (by politicians!), I’ve had blog topic requests- I’ve received more hits and subscribers than I ever could have imagined. Thank you for helping make the first year of The Perspicacious Conservative a great one!!


Merry Christmas: Celebrating the Birth of Jesus

In celebrating, I thought I would share my favorite Christmas song.

A Better  Reason to put a Candy Cane on your tree-
-The candy is a solid white stick to symbolize the Virgin Birth and sinless nature of Jesus
-The candy is hard to symbolize the Solid Rock of Jesus, the foundation of the Church and the firmness of the promises of God
-The candy is shaped  into the form of a J to represent the name Jesus. It also represents the Good Shepherd by which ‘He reaches down to reclaim the fallen lambs, who like sheep, have gone astray.’
-The red stripes symbolize the blood shed by Christ on the cross so that we could have the promise of eternal life.
-The candy is peppermint, similar to hyssop (Hyssop was used in the Old Testament for purification & sacrifice)

Merry Christmas To You And Your Family.

Giving Thanks


A Thankful Thanksgiving

The America we witness today has seen much sacrifice
This sacrifice for many, has meant a total giving of life for liberty
Do all truly realize what the human cost of freedom is
All citizens should understand what has kept us whole
Should it not be the duty of each American to know this
To become familiar with the reasons of why we exist today
The notion that “that’s the way things are” is ludicrous
When a firm explanation is so easily understood
We’ve survived because of faith, determination, and great sacrifice
The backbone of this country is the strength of its good citizens
Each true American is worth more than all the gold found in history
Selfishness does not rule their home, nor does it drive their thought
And don’t just look at our military as a magnificent force
Rather look at each member of our soldiered family with pride
“Ready, willing, and able” have been the finest of each generation
Whether in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, or any other place of danger
Whenever an American military presence moves into action
Behold the continuation of an outstanding tradition
Formed through freedom, it bravely faces all adversaries
And the flag under which it stands will always fly in freedom
We are and always will be one nation under God
He is the strength we have turned to time and time again
If we did not have Him, we would have perished long ago
God Bless America is more than a song, it is our national prayer
Finally, I wish each fine American a thankful Thanksgiving Day
May you truly realize what we are, and pray to Almighty God for continuation
Be ever thankful for our Armed Forces, and give them the total support they need
And please pray for all American families who have paid the price for freedom
                   –Roger J. Robicheau

May you give thanks for your Faith, your Family, your Freedom and your Friends.