Merry Christmas: Celebrating the Birth of Jesus

In celebrating, I thought I would share my favorite Christmas song.

A Better  Reason to put a Candy Cane on your tree-
-The candy is a solid white stick to symbolize the Virgin Birth and sinless nature of Jesus
-The candy is hard to symbolize the Solid Rock of Jesus, the foundation of the Church and the firmness of the promises of God
-The candy is shaped  into the form of a J to represent the name Jesus. It also represents the Good Shepherd by which ‘He reaches down to reclaim the fallen lambs, who like sheep, have gone astray.’
-The red stripes symbolize the blood shed by Christ on the cross so that we could have the promise of eternal life.
-The candy is peppermint, similar to hyssop (Hyssop was used in the Old Testament for purification & sacrifice)

Merry Christmas To You And Your Family.


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