Bro’s, Hoe’s and Common at the White House.

Let us start this blog with a small (mental) poll….

-Raise your hand if you think The White House should be a place for leaders, diplomats and politicians. (Partisanship aside, we’re talking about what it SHOULD represent)
-Raise your hand if you think meetings with the President of the United States (POTUS) should serve some greater purpose, not to exclude honoring troops and heroes.
-Raise your hand if you think The White House and the people, meetings and activities within it represent the United States as a whole.

If you raised your hand (or would have) to any of the above questions, you might will be disgusted by what Michelle Obama did this time.

A recent article in the Huffington Post mocking the conservative discord for Michelle Obama extending an invitation to the rapper Common, really irritated me. (You can read it here:

The author of the article repeatedly referred to the rapper as “a poet” being invited to the White House– just a ‘poet’ that recites aboout violence.

The author paraphrases one of the songs: “a “letter” to the source of moral authority written from the perspective of inner city black youths who feel that the police don’t protect them, that the media loves to blow up and then tear down their community’s celebrities and that the government has been acting more gangsta — in terms of their invasion/occupation of Iraq — than they could ever hope”.

On the other hand, conservatives are outraged not only because Common has done nothing for this country or society, but also because he rapped some inappropriate lyrics about former President George W. Bush, with a push to bring violence against him.

Liberals and supporters of Common claim that his work is not violence and he is just like any other poet, expressing his feelings and leaving his words for interpretation by many for many years to come. Well, that very well may be true…but…

Aside from the fact that Barack Obama is leading us through multiple wars and occupancy in other countries, we have a failing economy, a crashing dollar, high unemployment and a lingering immigration problem across our nation, I have to wonder where the **** he finds time to have a rapper (who cannot disentangle any of these issues) over for dinner??


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