What Happened to Milton County?

If you were active in last July’s primary election for Senate District 56, you remember a key issue for all of the candidates: Milton County. For those of you who are not aware of the concept of Milton County, it would essentially cut Johns Creek, Milton, Mountain Park, Alpharetta, Roswell and part (maybe all) of Sandy Springs out of Fulton County to create a new Milton County.

Personally, I am not a proponent of Milton County, mostly because it would cut me out, but I do understand the want of those taxpayers in North Fulton to keep their money where they feel it can benefit them.

Over the course of the election season, it appeared that all 3 of the candidates (John Albers, David Belle Isle and Brandon Beach) fully supported the idea of Milton County. After the run-off, those who did not win the seat went on to pursue other important issues, while the Senator-elect was supposedly ‘getting right to work’.

During the election, Albers launched a massive campaign initiative called ‘The Contract for Milton County’ complete with it’s own website, Facebook page and poster-size copy that voters could sign. The Facebook page still exists (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=105925269440670) and it has the link for the website, www.contractformiltoncounty.com, listed, but for some *odd* reason, the website is no longer up. Also available during the election was the VoteAlbers website, but that too is no longer available, you are simply directed to the Senator Albers webpage, which has no mention of Milton County except for a small paragraph stating, ‘Albers supports the recreation of Milton County to include the cities of Roswell, Sandy Springs, Mountain Park, Milton Alpharetta and Johns Creek. The residents of North Fulton have long endured an inequitable relationship with Fulton County government and will make Milton a reality’.

What I found rather interesting during my online search for resources regarding Milton County was a webpage started in April of 2009 called Milton County Rising. (www.miltoncountyrising or http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=69245732854#!/group.php?gid=69245732854&v=wall ). Mr. Albers didn’t create his ‘Contract for Milton County’ until early 2010. Oh the irony.

According to the Facebook page, over 1,500 people signed the contract in 5 days. Clearly this is something that the people of North Fulton wanted their elected official to work towards. I really thought Albers would fight harder for something the people wanted. Thankfully, Albers did propose and pass a bill requiring at least 3 feet of space between bikers and cars. You can see other things Mr. Albers tacked his name onto here: http://www.legis.ga.gov/Legislation/en-US/Search.aspx. His bill made it nowhere. And to date, he’s proposed nothing during the special session.

So why hasn’t Mr. Albers delivered? Why isn’t he fighting for Milton County? And what happened to that poster-size copy of the contract? Maybe these are questions we need to ask when November 2012 rolls around.



18 thoughts on “What Happened to Milton County?

  1. Evelyn

    I am not surprised by your discovery and I doubt anyone else will be. Just because District 56 encompassed a small area and was a local election, does not deem it exempt from the antics of which the politicians are willing to engage. As we all know, elected officials in our country will go to any extreme to become elected, be that lying, cheating,stealing, falsely claiming credit for concepts or plans, tax evasion…..there is no end. (Though, I am amazed that the names of the original authors of the Milton County Rising website were still shown. How can someone claim to have originated the concept, yet it clearly shows no connection? ) Their purpose is not to serve the public or the people that put them in office. They have no interest in the concerns of the general public or the betterment of the community. Holding a political office has become nothing but a self-serving trip to the world of ego. It has become a contest to see how many bills can be sponsored, how many times their name can be associated with a bill and how many events can promote their name and/or picture. It’s a disgrace.

  2. Diane

    I clicked on the link and Senator Albers sponsored legislation to create Milton County earlier this year? I also looked at some of your other posts. You should be ashamed of yourself. I know your Mother and cannot believe your ugly behavior. You are misinformed and embarrassing yourself and family. Grow up Jessica.

    1. William Szilagyi

      It’s pretty sad that you have to result to name calling rather than look at the facts that Jessica has brought forth. Why don’t you spend your time and energy proving her wrong rather than attack her personally. And I think Jessica has grown up into a very responsible young lady who researches and finds out the “truths” behind those that “promise” things. Maybe you should grow up and stop embarrassing yourself and your family with the name calling and state the facts

  3. Richard T. Samuels

    Why is this ‘blog’ done by someone who’s afraid to put their name on it? I don’t respect this cowardly way of communicating. If you have something to say, be a man OR woman and stand behind your words.

    All of this ‘tough’ talk seems pointless when written by a coward.

    1. thePERSPICACIOUSconservative Post author

      Mr. Samuels, Thank you for reading the ‘blog’. All of my readers are fully aware of who I am. I fully stand behind all of my postings and would gladly share them more publicly (i.e. the news and other media outlets).

      1. Richard T. Samuels

        Lie! I’m a reader and have no idea who you are. Again, I appreciate the tough talk and boy you really want to ‘let ’em have it’. But to let EVERYONE know who you are means putting your byline on an article and standing behind it.

        Try putting your name on this site and then see how differently you write. You see, its hard to take your words seriously when you hide in behind anonymity.

        You DO NOT stand behind your writings. Share them with the media? Are you kidding? It’s simple….Name, direct email address. Post it…then you stand behind your words. Until then you’re a bold face coward.

      2. thePERSPICACIOUSconservative Post author

        Mr. Samuels,
        How did you find this blog? It is only promoted on my Facebook page which is directly tied to my name, obviously. If not read there, it must have been recommended to you by someone-and seeing your ridiculous defense of Mr. Albers, I can gather where your loyalties lie and that you didn’t just stumble upon the blog on Google. Mr Albers knows me by name because 1) I worked for him and 2) he called me to ask me to take the blog down because it “made him look bad”.

        Further, take note of the comment above yours–“Diane”. That is Kari Albers herself. The IP address was traced to the Albers home residence. Now THAT, sir, is cowardly.

        Finally, I believe you are the only one who is “unaware” of the exact name of the author–which is still irrelevant as each story, at least in regards to Mr. Albers, is based upon and supported by FACTS. But, you could always use your resources and call your State Senator!

  4. Sarah

    Diane, I am an avid reader of The Perspicacious Conservative and cannot, for the life of me, figure out why you think anyone should be ashamed of writing about their political and societal views. I don’t even necessarily agree with all of the articles, however I recognize their intention – To share a personal view on current events. This is a concept clearly beyond your grasp. How dare you imply that anyone should be ashamed of sharing their personal beliefs and speaking up for those who need it, like Chicken Man and Veterans of War. Out of curiosity, I typed the IT address you used to post into Google to see who you really are since you claim to know the author’s mother (coincidentally I do, too). Lo and behold, it traced to the Albers family residence according to public record! If anyone is embarassing their family and needs to grow up, it’s yourself, Mrs. Albers. You and your husband both she be more concerned with bigger things, such as resolving the issues brought up in this blog, not personally attacking the author.

    1. Chad H.

      I am shocked that the wife of a Senator is promoting censorship on the internet. Does her husband know she is doing this? Thank you for sharing your research, Sarah. It’s scary to know these are the kinds of families that are the leaders of our community.

  5. Mark

    Wow! What a great illustration of “who is the pot and who is the kettle”.
    Or better yet, “those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”.

  6. Mark

    William Szilagyi :
    It’s pretty sad that you have to result to name calling rather than look at the facts that Jessica has brought forth. Why don’t you spend your time and energy proving her wrong rather than attack her personally. And I think Jessica has grown up into a very responsible young lady who researches and finds out the “truths” behind those that “promise” things. Maybe you should grow up and stop embarrassing yourself and your family with the name calling and state the facts

  7. Mark

    It’s interesting that Mr. Samuels is ignoring the topic of the blog and, instead, attacking the author because the name, address and telephone of the blogger isn’t posted.

    What difference does it make? The facts are the facts. If you don’t like the facts, then don’t read the blog. It’s that simple.

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