Roswell isn’t “Wynn-ing”, Vote for Lee Fleck!

I have long opposed the Roswell City Council. Their mismanagement of the budget, disconcert for what constituents want and disgraceful vendetta against the Roswell Chicken Man have left a bitter taste in the mouths of citizens. Thankfully, two of the problems are up for re-election this November, Rich Dippolito -Post 1 and Becky Wynn – Post 2. Both have opposition and both opponents have the right idea.

I am supporting Lee Fleck who is running against Becky Wynn. Fleck, a self-proclaimed ‘City Council watch dog’ has lived in Roswell for over 25 years. He has raised his family here and wants to keep Roswell a desirable place to live, work and raise a family.

Fleck has a long list of accomplishments including, but not limited to:

  • Commissioning the first water bottling plant in a war zone for the U.S. Army during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  • Being licensed by the Department of Homeland Security as a customs broker. He has helped the city implement the Systematic Alien Verification of Entitlements (SAVE) Program, which requires foreign nationals receiving public benefits to verify their legal residency in the United States.
  • Introducing the Roswell Police Department to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Secured Communities Program, a program that integrates all of the federal crime data bases to include the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security, ICE and Interpol with the state Georgia Bureau of Investigation criminal data bases at the point of arrest and detention

Mr. Fleck believes he is a better fit for the job than Councilwoman Wynn who has voted each year for a budget in which expenditures exceed revenues on average by $8,000,000 annually.

Fleck is also against Councilwoman Wynn, and others, who by the end of 2012 will have use up the City’s savings and have planned two bonds totalling $57 million containing some gratuitous expenditures. According to public record, besides a $40 million bond referendum, an additional $17 million “revenue” bond to build a new water plant will be implemented AFTER the November election, the latter without say by the taxpayers. The burden to repay the bond will be placed solely on the taxpayers.

When elected, Fleck plans to:

  • implement a Zero-based balanced budget and establishing a citizens financial review board will result in lower taxes
    (and fees), greater efficiencies, and more value for tax dollars spent.
  • insure that the limited number of citizens who receive their water from the City of Roswell (and not Fulton County) will actually have the final say on the $17 million “revenue” bond that will be presented by the Council to build a new water plant;
  • call for a referendum of those 7,500 residents who will be saddled with a $30,000,000 long-term liability to sustain such a facility that will be financed with a 2 to 3% annual increase in water rates for the next 50 years;
  • propose publishing the City’s check registry on the city website to promote transparency so citizens can oversee expenditures and even make cost saving suggestions.
  • provide the infrastructure and incentives to attract high tech business in conjunction with the Comprehensive 2030 Plan

This election, we have an opportunity to make a difference. Because of the Sunday Sales referendum on the ballot this November, a higher turnout is expected. It’s time to take Becky Wynn off the social committee and elect someone who can help Roswell function at its’ highest potential TODAY.

Lee Fleck is running for Post 2 of the Roswell City Council. Election day is Tuesday, November 8th. For more information, visit or e-mail Lee at . He is also on Facebook.


27 thoughts on “Roswell isn’t “Wynn-ing”, Vote for Lee Fleck!

  1. Heather R.

    As a resident of Roswell, I could not agree more The Roswell City Council has run our City into a pile of debt – not unlike the current administration running our country. Perhaps they are in cahoots?

    A year or so ago the media attempted to report on the lying and, basically, stealing from the citizens of Roswell. Our budget is so far out of balance and no one is being held accountable. My best guess is that someone on the City Council “got” to the media and told them to back off of the publicity (bad) which was being focused on Roswell.

    Becky Wynn MUST go! She is a menace to Roswell, GA and to society as a whole.

  2. David J. Pollack

    I will have to say that when Lee Fleck sets his mind on doing something regadless of what the situation might be, He is one person that WILL compete the task. We do not need another person that talks and talks and talks. Lee gets the job done with allot less talking and allot more action.

  3. jh

    I agree that Becky Wynn must go. But disagree on Rich Dippolito. He has proven to be a thoughtful, representative of all the citizens. There is another person who must go and that is Betty Price. Her opponent is Craig Voth who brings energy, intelligence and a great vision to the city. I attend most city council meetings, many transportation work sessions and development work sessions. I have seen them at work or not. And yes, Lee sets his mind to accomplish a task and it does get done.

    1. michael

      I must fully disagree with your viewpoint on Dippolito and Price. Betty Price is currently the only member on the council with her mind in the right position. Dippolito is currently wasting taxpayer dollars on his ‘pet’ projects involving the roads, and pitched a fit when Lee Fleck mentioned the need for a new fire station in East Roswell. Look at the voting records, Price is the only one whom was against the wasteful budgets. Besides, anyone whom is involved in commercial real estate and dumping money into areas to try to raise the property values is likely to have a conflict of interest

  4. William Mitiu

    Ok people so I guess we are against water, realy? But its ok for a duche bag Mayor to build monuments to his own fammily, as long as he builds another park, again, realy?

    What do you all realy want?

    Its pretty simple, water good. Gere Wood bad!!!! Jes, you used to agree!

    1. thePERSPICACIOUSconservative Post author

      I believe that the entire City of Roswell government needs an overhaul. They continue to try and make government less transparent. I do not support Jere Wood (though I was pleased with his support for the Roswell Chicken man), but I won’t rally for an expensive, unnecessary water plant that the city can’t afford. THAT would be another thing for politicians to stamp their name on. It seems (from Facebook) that you support Becky Wynn, however, she has a record of…nothing but spending, and attending a bunch of social events (not to mention I’ve seen her be really rude to her constituents). I am surprised she has gained your support after her complete failure on the ceremony and recognition for the Roswell marine that died overseas.

      1. Michael Reissig

        William, you need to look at the FACTS about the water issue. If the council votes on another bond (which does not require public support) Roswell will be out a total of $50 MILLION over the next 50 years, and this is NOT counting the price of the water.
        Currently, the city has a pump that is capable of pumping 1.6 Million gallons a day. The city demand is well over 2 Million gallons daily. Where is the water coming from? Fulton County supplies the rest of our demand. If the city were to go to Fulton County water 100%, the estimated cost of water per 1000 gallons will go to $8 by 2060. For the same amount of water for our own plant, the cost would be well over $18. These numbers are not my own, these numbers were from a very well written report from a firm that the city hired years ago.
        The simple fact is that the council is going to make this decision behind our backs. We will not have a say in the decision AT ALL if we allow Dippolito and Wynn to keep their jobs.

  5. Heather R.

    The water plant will be an atrocity if the Council allows it. The City of Roswell, CANNOT support the cost on their own. Though, now that I think about it, perhaps they plan to tax the heck out of us to have it built and then will attempt to sell the services to the surrounding cities. While this is certainly an option, we as residents, would still foot the bill. Any funds coming to Roswell would most likely be used for some other useless project. And yes, I agree, East Roswell is in desperate need of a n additional fire station. It seems the City has forgotten the “other side” (east) of 400.

  6. William Mitiu

    again its not a new water plant, lets please use one or two facts, it is an expansion of the current one, Roswell is growing rapidly. E very one is clmmering for more tech jobs in Roswell, and I agree this is great, and needed, but what is the number one resource which we can not supply, for this indutry to relocate in Roswell, an upgraded and enlarged water supply. You can not make petrolium based plastics, for tech, without cooling towers. This will require a massive upgrade in water supply. Not to mention the population explosion this will bring.

    As far as “The Marine” His name was Aaron, he was a member of my VFW, I served with him over seas, and I am a very close friend to his family. I dont know what ceramony too which you are speaking but there have been a few in Roswell, and Becky Wynn has attended all, and actualy turned over controll of the memorial service to me, to ensure it was done by Military standards. The only failure was the fact that the Mayor would not allow a Military Chaplain to deliver the perscribed prayer. and the fact that not one time could he pronounce Aarons name correctly. I gues you should have been their then you would know what the hell you are talking about.
    A good piece of advise from me, never use one of my friends or any of my Soldiers fasley, to advanvce your polical opinion!!!!!
    I hope you have the stones to leave this up for all to see!

    1SG William J. Mitiu III
    VFW Commanding

    1. thePERSPICACIOUSconservative Post author

      I’m fully aware of the story, Aaron Kenefick and his Mother Susan Price. I have followed the story closely. It’s offensive that you claim I used his name “for political gain”, as that was not the case. I, as well as others in the community, think the City should handle affairs of the sort differently. I have no doubt that the VFW gave him the proper ceremony and respect. I am not a fan of Becky Wynn and while you may not want to believe it, she doesn’t have much respect for our servicemen and women. But I can assure you that the comment about Sgt Kenefick had nothing to do with politics in the capacity you are accusing.

    2. Michael Reissig

      I hate to say it William, but it WILL be a brand new water plant, one that the construction costs will be 32 Million dollars and 50 year estimated maintenance costs will be $17 Million. Look at the facts, they are all widely available on an open records request. And it is going to be a lot more than $0.17 /1000 gallons.
      In addition, this water treatment plant is only going to serve the West Roswell half, East Roswell gets their water elsewhere. Why is it that only 5000 homes and several businesses will be footing the entire bill? The proposed plant is also for only 2 million gallons, current demand levels. There is no room for growth in the new plant.

      1. William Mitiu

        thats amazing, you responded to something I said below with three comments in between up here…..hmmmmm liberal 101 put it out of context. Good job, because this takes the attention off the real issue in this portion of the conversation, a fallen Marine being used as political fodder.

    3. JaneCuthbertson

      As disappointed as I was to see all the incumbents reelected this month, I must say I’m even more disappointed how this “Sergeant” is representing the Roswell VFW and the members of the organization. Is this how veterans that we all support conduct themselves? Is this how they thank citizens for their support? Maybe the VFW needs to censor their online “presence” until they can do it respectfully.

  7. Heather R.

    I hate to say this Mr. Mitiu, but you sound like Obama. Expanding a water plant will NOT bring jobs to Roswell. It will employ a few additional people while the plan is formed and while the plant is expanded. It will not create long term employment. Bringing additional tech jobs to Roswell, which is lacking in that area tremendously, WILL generate revenue for the City. Hmmmmmmmmmmm…spend more on frivolous short term projects OR create more revenue by attracting those “corporations” to the City, which will create a larger tax base. Think about it.

  8. William Mitiu

    Wow, I am not saying too spend money we dont have to employ a bunch of illegals to do work Americans can do, just so that the same industry can go bankrupt.

    You may want to look at what ares our treatment facility which is drasticly out dated and under powered, supply’s.

    This is the farthest thing from short term, this is critical infrastrucre which any city would have to expand inorder to grow.

    If you are a Roswel resident than you should know that every year in Roswell approx once a month or so there is a water hammer, or surge that takes place, inevitably each time this happens another antiquated water main ruptures, cosing the residents or business owners, 10’s of thousands in lost revinue, to be closed while the repairs take place, plus the total cost of repair.
    This happend to our VFW and it cost us thousands even with doing the work our selves, and with many generous donations.
    As a resident and business owner, I would much rather pay the extra .17 cents per month, than 12,000.00 for another water surge.


    As far as Becky Wynn not supporting the military, well then I guess she must realy hate her father, her two brothers, and nephew in Afgahnistan, and all of the hours of community service that she has givin to the Warrior Service Center, the VFW, and the American Legion(wich she is an Auxilary Member of.) must all be for not! GET THE FACTS!!!!!!!
    You do not know any thing about the people you are speaking about, just because you say it dosent make it true… matter how much you want it to be!

    1. thePERSPICACIOUSconservative Post author

      That’s a large jump to say she “hates” members of her family based on my comments. Politics is about opinions and just like I don’t have to agree with yours, you don’t have to agree with mine. Attacking in all caps is not productive conversation. Thank you for your comments and your service to our country.

    2. Evan Isom

      Woah William chill out. this a blog. Are you connected to Wynn in a manner that makes you want to protect her so? This is city leaders were talking about. People who aren’t really there to help you but make themselves look good. I read this blog often and am happy someone is exposing the nastiness on a local level. What other politicians do you support that are screwing the rest of us?

    3. GAcons3007

      It’s clear the authors intent had nothing to do with soldiers, offending soldiers, or “political gain”. Why is it being spun in that manner? Its true that Becky Wynn was asked to hand over responsibilities because the city had so dropped the ball on respecting this marine. I’m not sure why were getting off the topic and attacking the author. Any outsider would see that there wasn’t any misnamed toward the soldier
      Not sure why were taking away from the message

  9. Heather R.

    Sgt Mitiu…back off. The information here is an opinion. If you disagree with the information then don’t read it. Though it does appear the blog and subsequent responses have hit a nerve with you. Perhaps you should take a break. If you want to spar, go back to Facebook. (Geez, you are starting to sound like the left, when they don’t like what they hear)

    1. William Mitiu

      yea….Heather? You may want to read it again, and that, is what is like the left, talking points only, just skimming actual facts, and then hiding behind freedom of speech. What happend to personal resposibility, the reality that every action will have an oposite and equal reaction.
      The fact that when confronted with actual facts, that means nothing….. And what about my right to free speech I didnt just fight for yours, I fought for mine as well, and I intend to use it weather you like it or not.
      1SG Mitiu

  10. Heather R.

    I appreciate your service to our country. Please know you and your fellow veterans are greatly appreciated

    You obviously have missed the point and/or do not understand what this blog is about. You are all over the place……go back to the beginning – the original blog………no one is try to take away your freedom of speech. i.e. your ability to respond and post to this blog…..And if you like Becky Wynn, vote for her!

  11. michael

    William Mitiu :
    thats amazing, you responded to something I said below with three comments in between up here…..hmmmmm liberal 101 put it out of context. Good job, because this takes the attention off the real issue in this portion of the conversation, a fallen Marine being used as political fodder.

    I merely answered your comments as you posted them. I later saw another point that needed to be addressed.

    As far as our local Marine is concerned, I was working during the ceremony, and I couldn’t take the time off to be present. Because I wasn’t there, I am not knowledgeable as to how Becky Wynn did or didn’t honor Aaron, or how the city may or may not have messed up the ceremony. I am sorry for your personal loss, and offer my condolences. I still thank all veterans for the service that they continue to provide, active duty or retired service.

    I am not sure if I should take the “Liberal 101” comment as an insult or dismiss it as you blowing off steam.

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