There’s an app for that.

You’re going to love this.

Ricardo Dominguez, an activist and hacker from the University of California San Diego, has created an iPhone app to assist undocumented migrant workers “safely cross the border”. The free application, the Transborder Immigrant Tool, would help migrants find water in the deserts
near the border and otherwise avoid getting lost in their treacherous trek north, according to USA Today. This has been in the making for a few years now and the ‘designers’ (read: accessories to crossing the border illegally) are still tweaking the semantics.

Enrique Morones, President of Border Angels, said, “It’s going to be some sort of device that would let people know where is the nearest road, where the nearest church, nearest border patrol station, possibly even some water.”

What is there to even say about this one? Thanks Apple? Or maybe, hopefully these illegals can’t afford the iPhone? Or maybe their service won’t work? Oh here’s an idea….You won’t need an app if you come here LEGALLY.

A little comedy for the road ❤


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