Person of the Week: 11/30

This weeks PC POW WOW goes to the gentleman in Seattle who returned the money he stole from Sears Department store 65 years ago. Anonymously, the gentleman walked into Sears and left a note with $100 at the Customer Service desk. In the note, the man explained that he had stolen around $25 in the 40’s but felt so guilty, he wanted to repay with interest. Sears intends to donate the money to needy families this Holiday season.

Obviously this man committed a crime but I think the situation was handled with great dignity. It seems these days that so many things are taken to extremes. I half expected to see that Sears called the cops to try to identify the man from security video in order to press charges. I am happy to see that the gentleman who stole the money has a conscience that drove him to repay the money and the store manager who accepted the repayment without causing any grief- especially since so much time had passed.


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