OWS Donations & Stupidity

It was reported on Friday that Occupy Wall Street has collected more than $665,000 since the September 17th commencement.

So if you donated to OWS, how are you helping the movement? As of December 13th, OWS had spent $162,169. Among some of the purchases are:
-$100 button making
-$1,200 materials to treat protestors in Zuccotti Park
-$17,002 (between 11/23-11/30) on food, laundry and medical after the clearing of Zuccotti
-$5,073 on metro cards & transit.
-$4,240 on food
-$1,132 on office supplies and phone cards {This is an interesting one to me}
-$2,210 on medical & herbal remedies
-$2,852 on cleaning & laundry
-$447 on ‘other’
I’d like to know where the Occupiers purchase their food, office supplies, phone cards and ‘other’ items. Places like Kroger, Publix, Staples, Office Depot all have CEO’s who are possibly part of the 1% that they hate so much. And the items they purchase? Kraft? Nabisco? …..Should I assume that Occupiers are purchasing all of their products from local & small businesses so as not to support the very establishment they are protesting?

At the peak of their incoming donations, OWS was collecting nearly $20,000 a day. This week, donations sunk to $98 per day. So what does this mean for the OWS movement? Is it slowing down, losing steam, feeling sluggish in the cold?

I don’t care, but I do have some other questions for the occupiers.
Did they file a 501(c)3? And if so, what’s the name of that non-profit organization?
If you didn’t file a 501(c)3, whose name is on the bank account?
Where are you banking? Surely it’s not Bank of America, SunTrust, Wells Fargo, or any of the like.
And if they’re not a 501(c)3 and are operating like a business, surely they plan to file taxes in 2012, correct?

Just a few facts about New York City:
$105,368…the minimum income of a member of the NYC 10%
$493,439…the minimum income of a member of the NYC  1%.
$2,247,515…the average income per filer
71.2%…the percentage of city personal income tax that the top 10% pays (dispersed among 345,169 people)
43.2%…the percentage the top 1% pays for City income taxes. (~34,598 people)
1.18 million…the number of FILERS in NYC that don’t pay income taxes at all (Scan.IBOIncomeDistributionLetter)
-The Occupy Wall Street Movement ….Americans disgracing the meaning of America.


1 thought on “OWS Donations & Stupidity

  1. Kim

    Most OCW people were paid by the unions and “other” influential groups in our country. I would imagine those funds are now being channeled other events such as the 2012 campaign!


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