Our Government Is Not Legitimate

Last night, I solemnly began my Public Finance class that addresses metropolitan fiscal issues, past, present and future. I thought the class was going to be bad, but I had no clue what I was in for. As my teacher, who has immigrated here from another country (note: this would be fine if he’s aid teacher was not shredding the liberties of America) spoke on socialism, big government and The need for every kind of social program, I began to sweat, choke and have heart palpitations.

He explained to us that the functions government are:
ALLOCATION- to levy taxes and assess fees. It’s important to assess fees when taxes fall short. (speeding tickets, tag fees, license fees, etc.)

DISTRIBUTION- to redistribute the levied monies so that there is no income and living gap. He referred to it as “income maintenance”. That was a new term for me, but I plan to continue using it out of ridiculousness.

STABILIZATION- This is vague and so I’ll leave it alone-for now. But basically, stabilization is the efficient working of government and it’s programs. ( LOL)

Sarcastically, I raised my hand and said “If distribution is a function, then we have no need for the nonprofit sector. Isn’t the nonprofit sector supposed to bridge the gap between public sector and the private sector voluntarily?” My teacher responded by saying that the nonprofit sector is AN EXTENSION of the federal government and when you pay nonprofits, you’re paying the 3rd arm of government. Why don’t you try telling that to all the private corporations and citizens who donate to nonprofits.

Now, in Political Science 101 you learn about the legitimacy of government. In a democracy, government legitimacy derives from the popular perception that the elected government abides democratic principles in governing, and thus is legally accountable to its people. So democratic principles are derived from The Constitution and the abill of Rights, meaning, thats where these democratic principles derive. Where are allocation and distribution in The Constitution?

Until the 16th amendment was ratified in 1913, we had no federal income tax. Our country went 124 years before we had an income tax. It was not in The Constitution and it was not a priority of our Founding Fathers. So tell me, why do we have it? According to my professor, we need income taxes to provide social programs. Okay, so what page in the Constitution does it say we shall provide social programs? Oh. It doesn’t? Hmm…so TWO of the three stated functions of the federal government are unconstitutional and illegitimate. Interesting.

That is the most I’ve ever learned in a graduate class. Thanks prof!!


1 thought on “Our Government Is Not Legitimate

  1. Kim

    It is ludicrous to spew such crap.

    David Horowitz hit the nail on the head a few years ago when wrote his book regarding the liberal professors within the college/university system. They are and will continue to contribute to the demise of this country. “Distribution/ income maintenance”??? Hideous!!!! No where in the Constitution does it state that the non-working class shall receive monies earned by the working class. Non-working individuals have no “rights” to the assets of others. Unfortunately, we have been waffling for years as entitlement after entitlement has been awarded and it seems as though the foundation of which this country was built is disappearing. This country continues to move to the left and proudly wears its socialistic hat all the while…..

    Nature has it right – “survival of the fittest.


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