Roswell Corruption Deepens, Mortgage Holder a Sham?

It’s been difficult to think or blog about anything since Andrew’s death. It weighs heavy on my heart but I am reminded of the battle we are facing and the need to stay focused. Having said that, there are some new developments in the Chicken Man v. Roswell case.

I recently visited with Andrew’s original mortgage holder, Dora Hardeman.
In our conversation, Dora stated that Andrew called her a few weeks before his death and asked if she had really sold the note to the home, as he had never met or had contact with the ‘new mortgage holder’. Dora responded that the note had been sold to man name Arnold Wall.
When I asked how she knew Arnold, she said she knew him through his wife who was a Real Estate Agent. I then asked her how the discussion of Andrew’s home and the sale of it came about. She said that Mr. Wall offered to buy the home from her but that she did not know him that well. I then asked her if she is paid from Mr. Wall regularly or in lump sum for Andrew’s home and she acknowledged that she had not received ANY money from Mr. Wall for the purchase of 335 Alpine Lane. At one point, Mrs. Hardeman questioned “if Arnold is trying to get out of paying the note” and if anyone unscrupulous was behind the purchase of the mortgage.

The formal recording will be released next week with the full interview.

Another development is that of which directly involves City Administrator Kay Love. Back in 2010, Andrew pushed the City of Roswell for a formal investigation into whether or not someone from the City illegally contacted his mortgage holder. In an email dated December 1, from Andrew Wordes to Kay Love, Andrew inquired as to who would be conducting the investigation. On December 2nd, Ms. Love responded with a response claiming that she was in charge. (You can read a digital version of the email thread Love.Wordes.) Ultimately, no “wrongdoing” was discovered.

It is difficult to grasp the concept that a City Administrator would be responsible for conducting an investigation of into the misdoings of the city they “administrate”.
Being the perspicacious person that I am, I put a call into the City of Alpharetta and Assistant City Administrator James Drinkard called me back almost immediately. When questioned about their investigative protocols, he stated “If there is the potential for laws to be broken or is criminal in nature, it is outsourced. And an outside agency is asked to come in.” That seems like a very thorough. He even went as far to say that when there is a question the handling of the situation, it is best to remove any question as soon as possible by outsourcing so as to not appear inappropriate. Specifically, he said “The City of Alpharetta is an open book”. Fair enough..
I also spoke with a clerk from the City of Milton. They said that while they do call for internal investigations within the police department, something on a larger scale would be outsourced to the GBI.

Without stating my own feelings about the circumstances and outcomes thus far, I urge you to evaluate the legitimacy and impartiality of Roswell’s actions so far. Ready. Set. Think.

Further details can be read at by Maggie Bean.

**As you know, The Perspicacious Conservative has been working studiously with in an in-depth investigation into the many corruptions of Roswell. There is a plethora of information at this time but both TPC and are dedicated to only releasing information with concrete proof. Information may seem slow to leak at times but I assure you: with time, it will come.


10 thoughts on “Roswell Corruption Deepens, Mortgage Holder a Sham?

  1. giveitupcrazies

    This article tells us nothing other than there seems to be a bad home purchase between Mr. Arnold and Dora. Looks like Andrew is still screwing over Dora even after his death. He didn’t pay his mortgage then and she got fed up and wanted out of a toxic property. Now the house is completely destroyed and she is stuck with it. Not sure how any of this has anything to do with Roswell.

    1. thePERSPICACIOUSconservative Post author

      I guess you didn’t click all of the links or make it to the end of the article. There is an email exchange between Kay Love and Andrew where she explains she is heading an internal investigation. It’s sad that you don’t think a City administrator heading their own investigation –when laws and privacy acts were potentially broken– is wrong. We can’t convince everyone but I can assure you that support for Andrew is still building.

    2. thepicturemommy

      I suggest you read back blog posts, and do a little internet research before stating your opinion which has no basis. Why don’t you read the article on as well and educate yourself before sticking your foot in your mouth…………

  2. Andrea

    it appears the plot is thickening and God only knows where this will take the City of Roswell. Roswell has long been known for it’s corruption and perhaps, now it will be fully exposed. I commend the City of Alpharetta for speaking with you and being honest.
    And I can guarantee that “giveitupcrazies” is, most probably, very well informed and knows just as much or more than you. To me,this person sounds like someone who is afraid they may be exposed. Anyone who has not been or is not sympathetic to Andrew Wordes’ plight is most probably one of the guilty parties. Great investigative reporting. Let the games begin!

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