Student Loans: A Failure by Legislators

Every so often, I have the opportunity to discuss something I’m passionate about in my graduate classes. Below is the PDF file of a policy paper for my Higher Education Seminar class. In it, I discuss the student loan opportunities, implications of “over-receipt”, how it’s effecting our economy and the failure of proposed legislation on the federal level. Personally, I believe in a complete cessation of federal student loan lending, but that extreme measure has a small likelihood of taking effect at this time. The paper is broken down by headers in case you prefer not to read it in its’ entirety. I also included a class handout which briefly details the overview of the paper with graphs, charts and bullets…for people who like pictures!
Note: Just because you are not a student, doesn’t mean the mountain of student loan debt doesn’t affect you. This is an overall economic issue, not one affecting only a single generation of millenials.






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