Subsidies: Kids, Housing, Education & Mental Illness

I have always said that graduate school is the most difficult mental thing I’ve ever had to do. Not because it’s intellectually challenging, but because the liberal agenda is blatant and in your face it’s sickening.

Last night, my class was discussing higher education in European countries. The agenda was to discuss how education policy is crafted, how its’ funded, things of the like. The first half of the class had been on a completely different topic and the European discussion was planned for the 2nd part of class. During our break, the discussion of politics came up. I made the comment that my whole program is “one big liberal indoctrination fest” to which my teacher laughed a bit. I explained my disdain with the “gift” of a textbook during orientation titled “10 Steps to a Federal Job”. He then mocked me and “What do you expect from a program like this?” (It’s a Masters in Public Administration). I explained that placement in federal jobs is not the only scope of this program and I was disappointed with the lack of focus on the nonprofit sector (to which we’ve been offered no classes) and the local and state government levels. My teacher actually agreed.

He then asked me where I thought he was on the political spectrum, if 1 was the ‘most extreme liberal’ and 10 being the ‘most extreme conservative’. I said based on his comments in class, I would give him a 2. His response? “I’m not that moderate.” Lord. The follow-up question was of course on me and where I stand. My answer was simple: I believe in the Constitution, and I believe in the most amount of freedom with the smallest amount of government. Not one person in the class commented. I guess this is a new concept.

As we moved on to our discussion on European education, we had a student from the Netherlands discuss his educational career. He explained that he had 2 undergraduate degrees and 5 Masters degrees. Pretty fancy. Everyone was praising him and shocked by this profound concept when I asked who footed the bill of this education.”The government, of course”. The discussion carried on with talk of progressive policies, government dependency and subsidies out the wazoo. This panelist emphasized the ‘wonderfulness’ of receiving ‘stipends’ for every thing from child bearing to education to being poor or having a mental illness. He also emphasized the greatness in the inability to be wealthy. “Equality. Equality Equality.”

I could feel my blood pressure rising. Based on my breathing, I would imagine it was somewhere around 160/90. I could feel my face getting read and I was sweating. This panelist again described this socialistic nanny state with great pride when I asked what the tax rate was. “52%” in most cases. My classmates emphasized their desire to go there when my teacher interrupted and asked ‘What is your point, Jessica? If the result is the same, and you attain your goals, why does it matter if the tax rate is high?” My response again was simple. I explained that it seems to be a great concept for the Netherlands, and other socialist nations, but not for America…here we have a Constitution…” and I was again interrupted “The Netherlands has a Constitution, too!!” “Yes, but ours is based on freedom. That IS the basis and the point.” –Silence-

My teacher said “So what is the value of money in the United States, Jessica?” to which I replied “Personal accomplishment and responsibility.” He said “You nailed it.” Yes folks, that’s right. I was able to nail my own personal views. At this point I just wanted class to be over. But it wasn’t.

We carried on with the love of nanny states when finally a classmate asked, ‘Well it sounds so wonderful! What do people complain about?’ Our visitor explained that women only make up about 20% of the work force there and that they are subsidized to stay home…they encourage women in the home. He also described some inequalities and disparities amongst minorities. Socialism didn’t fix those things.

So… the truth comes out in the final minutes of class. It’s not all butterflies and rainbows. It seems as those liberal women prey on the “War on Women” here in America. Why don’t you test the waters in some other countries if it seems so fine and dandy? He also praised the healthcare system but mentioned the slowness, the inefficiencies and the lack of diverse medical care. When discussing policies and minorities, he emphasized the vast disparities and how they affect minorities on a daily basis, detailing the need for more policies to equalize all races, genders and nationalities. Hmm, seems like what they need over there is a little FREEDOM!

I’ll end on this note: My teacher looked at me and said “Why is the word progressive so bad?! What’s so wrong with progress?” Progress is not bad when we extend voting rights to every American and ensure freedoms are guaranteed to every citizen. Progress is bad when we leave our foundations of what this country was based upon. Progress is bad when open our borders or spend our way into becoming Chinese or force one to pay for another. Progress is bad when we lose sight of the Constitution. Progress is bad when we ignore the very freedoms that are protected for you, by others, and put you in a place of higher education. Progress is bad if this is what you’re doing with it.

Thank God I’ve only got 10 months to go.

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1 thought on “Subsidies: Kids, Housing, Education & Mental Illness

  1. drazzilb

    I would like to ask the European student if he has worked on any high paying job and for how long. Education is an investment, and if he is doing nothing but studying, he is losing money for the government and the tax payers. Therefore, he is a bad investment, and one could argue that he is leeching off the system, which tends to happen often in socialism.

    Furthermore, I would argue that there should be a limit on how many degrees one can earn in the Netherlands by invoking the concept of diminishing returns. It is hard to tell without knowing his degrees, but I can’t think of any job where he can use all seven of his degrees effectively, which means the tax payers wasted money on degrees that he is never going to use.


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