More Inbreeding in Roswell

I think I’m going to be sick. This will be short, but not so sweet.

  • Kay Love, the City Manager for Roswell, is from a small town outside of Columbus.
  • Her cherry-picked now former police chief, Dwayne Orrick, was from the same town. (Coincidence? Puhhleez)
  • Roswell has now hired a new police chief –James Russell “Rusty” Grant– who worked under Orrick, has spent some time working for the GBI and is now an adjunct professor at Georgia Law Enforcement Command College Professional Management Program at…wait for it….COLUMBUS STATE UNIVERSITY.

No math is necessary. It seems as though Roswell will just go from one incestuous relationship to another. How’s that working for you? Care to share the financial state of the City, Ms. Love? I guess we will all just sit around and hope this chief doesn’t order officers at the ends of our streets at the demand of personal grudges of the City Manager like the last one did.


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