An Open Letter to the GA GOP & “the Liberty People”

The convention cycle is upon us and the shenanigans are already brewing. It’s prompted me to reevaluate our relationship and figure out who I want to take to the prom.

And I’ve decided neither. You’re both awful and we need a little time apart.

Not because I’m not conservative enough, though you both certainly like to paint that image. It’s mostly because you should treat others how you would like to be treated, and I don’t care to reciprocate how I, like many others, have been treated.

To you, down in front, the GA GOP. Perhaps it was the constant shaming for opinions from your HQ office during the 2014 midterm elections or the requests by party officers to “not say something like that” on social media. Or perhaps it was an open allegiance to a particular infightingcandidate during the primary season that affected an entire race. Or maybe the issue that a paid contractor for the party leaked information to the press to tarnish a Republican primary candidate…and still managed to stay on payroll with the GOP. Or maybe the post-election “pat on the back” email circulated essentially trashing our Lieutenant Governor, who is by no means perfect, but undeserving of a public attack because of a personal vendetta. All without any recourse or even concern.

Perhaps it’s the convenient oversight of your Chairman at every event over the last year and a half. Though it’s probably more about your lack of tolerance and the harsh reality that no one in your camp looks like me – or people who behave like me. But have you asked anyone what people really think of you? You’re out of touch with the people.

And you. You Liberty People. Why are you SO angry?! Why are you slamming the door in the faces of people who believe in you? Elected officials who want to champion your causes but aren’t the same kind of purists? Why are you angry about GOP interest groups when here in Georgia, some of the aggressiveness of Liberty groups like Campaign for Liberty, Georgia Taxpayers United and Georgia Gun Owners has yanked away any opportunity for us to sit at the table? No one even listens because our messengers are equally as awful as Romney or Jeb or anything else you hate in the ‘establishment’ GOP. Why haven’t you learned from your mistakes? Why have you not tweaked a plan that appears to not be working? Also could you start showing up at things other than the convention. Perpetuating your own stereotype is only hurting the cause.
And if one more of you tells me I’m not confrontational enough…
But have you asked anyone what people really think of you? You’re out of touch with the process.

It’s amazing that y’all don’t get along because you’re just alike. So for now, I’ll take my shovel and bucket and dig my own holes with a few that feel the same way. We’re just not that into you anymore. I know plenty of people who are looking for a real movement. Something that is not only effective but also solution-based. Not hateful. Inclusive. Something that is sustainable. Something that will win in the next election cycle.

Sell out and merge together or never surrender and split apart, but stay well. 2015 and 2016 are sure to be a bumpy ride.




2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the GA GOP & “the Liberty People”

  1. Emory Morsberger

    I am not an insider but I do pay attention to the decline of the GOP. We did not win last year–Obama lost.
    It seems that we need to cooperate, listen and move forward with a view to getting the country back on track. If we run off 60% of the population we are doomed to be an irrelevant party for a generation to come.

  2. Ron McClellan

    I have to say, I am sick to death of Beltway Republicans. I loved it when the “Tea Party” began to develop, seemingly quite organically, like a “volunteer” tomato plant from last years garden.
    Unfortunately, the organic movement was quickly usurped, sometimes by some pretty angry and tunnel visioned people. Some are SO vehemently “Liberty,” I half expect their skin to explode, revealing an “inner Nazi” . . .Geez. It’s like they think “Live Free or Die” is actually a direct order followed by the punishment if ya don’t agree EXACTLY with their views.

    I want to “Live Free.” And I’m willing to “die” for it . . .I just don’t want to be TOLD to do it, and made to feel like I might be put before a firing squad if I don’t agree with every little nuance, of every position a particular Liberty group or leader espouses.

    And I also don’t like Beltway Republicans, who really don’t have a true interest in reducing the size of Government. Who kinda wish the NRA would dry up and blow away so they can stop pretending to be pro-second Amendment. I don’t WANT Republicans who have their investment portfolios loaded up with Pacific Rim stocks.

    Essentially . . . I couldn’t agree more Jessica.


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