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Birth Control, Sandra Fluke, Viagra & Conservatives


I’ve about had it with all the birth control talk. Call me old fashioned, but I was talking with a colleague the other day and we were discussing how open people have become about their personal lives. Right, wrong or indifferent…twenty years ago, no woman would stand up in front of the country and discuss her sex life and her birth control needs…with costs.

After months and months of “the war on women”, I’m over it. I’m tired of hearing about what Sandra Fluke said and did and how hurt she was by Rush Limbaugh’s comments. I’m tired of Nancy Pelosi and Gloria Allred. I don’t want to hear anymore about how Republicans are (I do, however, take issue with the fact women were not allowed access to certain hearings pertaining to women’s health) out to confiscate the rights of women. It’s simply not true. Republicans and Libertarians alike simply don’t want it at taxpayers expense. On the counter, I’m tired of all of the regulation. Last week, Nina Turner of Ohio presented a bill that would require a “medical issue” in order for men to be prescribed Viagra. This was an attempt to “strike back” at the men in office who are working to “limit women’s rights”. Enough already!

So here is what I propose: make birth control available over the counter.

People need choices. They should be free to take birth control as they please–at their own expense. If people want to be sexually active and take risks not only with their bodies but with a grotesquely synthetic drug every day, then so be it. If its over the counter, then it can’t be covered by insurance and the burden is immediately off of the the tax payers. You ask about minors? Well they are getting it anyway and will continue to get it anyway, so it’s really a moot point. That’s on the parents, NOT THE GOVERNMENT. Drug companies could still market their product competitively and no liberal could whine and cry that their health insurance company or employer is denying them access to “their constitutional right to birth control”. You want it? You buy it. If you “need it for medical purposes” like endometriosis, then you’ll have access to it at a competitive market price.

This intense argument is nothing but political banter. Rush. Fluke. The War on Women. All of it. Shut up and just eliminate the problem.