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Why Do Liberals Hate Success?

Ding Dong, the Ding Dong’s Dead.

This morning on CBS Sunday Morning, Bill Flanagan of MTV did a segment on the death of the Twinkie. (You can see the full clip here). These 3-minute commentaries leave me yelling, shouting and throwing things at the television almost every Sunday morning. The intensity of the ’tilt’ to the left is beyond my comprehension. Here is a small excerpt of the commentary:

“Is it possible in this noble Constitutional republic…corporate interests intent on breaking every last union have stooped so low as to cancel production of the Hostess Twinkie, the Devil Dog, and the Reindeer? Has Capitalism sunk this far? Will the President bail out Hostess as he did General Motors?…Who is the heartless corporate CEO who pulled the plug…”

At least he got the first sentence right…”Constitutional republic”…that we are. Aside from that, it really got me thinking…why do liberals hate success so much…but not celebrities?

Every where you turn, there is a shaming for success. Liberals hate pretty much all wealthy white men. They are blamed for most of the issues concerning American right now. They have stigmatized the “1%” because they have worked hard…and often times play hard. But why the disconnect?

Someone posted a picture of a Twinkie funeral on my Facebook page with the caption “The Truth Will Come Out. Unions: Hostess CEO received 300% raise before bankruptcy. Labor blasts ‘myth’ that union strike killed Twinkies” Then, in a back and forth, came to this:
Somewhere, someone, decided that it’s not okay to be successful. Someone decided that it’s wrong for a CEO to make more money than a blue collar worker. Someone decided that we need unions to constantly challenge executives because they earn more. Someone decided that it’s not okay to have more money than someone else …but ONLY on the basis that they also don’t have that same large amount of money. And what’s more interesting is that they don’t want to be equal on a high earning scale, they want everyone to be equal on a low-earning scale. They want upper middle class and upper class people to be yanked down to their level.

But why are liberals so angry? It can’t be because conservatives don’t share their earnings. They do. It’s called a donation. (Here is the definition, since many liberals don’t understand the difference between a tax and a donation) There have been several articles describing the charitable giving on behalf of conservatives and it’s a known fact that liberals prefer the oh-so-trustworthy, ever-so great-at-handling-cash government to redistribute funds as opposed to nonprofits. In fact, research says wealthy AND red states are much more likely to donate to charity. Even the Huffington Post tried to twist conservative giving by unsuccessfully trying to claim that donations to churches don’t count. So what of it? If they’re sharing –just not with the government- why do liberals hate success? And why do they give a pass to the entertainment industry?

And why do they give a pass to the entertainment industry? Why don’t they go after their ‘own’? Take a look at someone of the wealthiest liberals:
Bill Gates $54 billion
Larry Ellison of Oracle $$27 billion
Michael Bloomberg $18 billion
Jeff Bezos of Amazon $12.6 billion
Anne Cox Chambers of Cox Enterprises $12.5 billion
George Soros- $14 billion
Barack Obama
Bill & Hilary Clinton
Not to mention the plethora of celebrities that endorsed the Democrat platform during the last election: 50 Cent, Lady Gaga, Ellen Degeneres, Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt, Vanessa Williams, Reese Witherspoon, Bill Cosby…here is the list of HUNDREDS of them.

Someone, please tell me why. Why are liberals shaming success? And why are they so forgetful of all the ‘success’ on their side when they’re criticizing and degrading successful conservatives? Who do they think is paying for all their dependency and entitlement programs? Why is it okay for Bill Cosby to rake in millions but not a CEO?


Is Everything Political These Days?

It seems you can’t read, watch or talk about anything anymore without some aspect turning political. One of my Facebook friends posted that they were watching the MLK Memorial today…until it turned political. 9/11 Memorial services have turned political. News, of course, is political.

Today, on CBS Sunday Morning, David Edelstein’s review of “Margin Call” made this ridiculously clear. Here is the segment:

Edelstein uses ‘Occupy Wall Street” as a lead in, as well as a homemade puppet to voice his own personal opinion on this issue while claiming he’s not a political pundit. “They deserve some R&R”, Edelstein says as he encourages protesters to go see this movie. Margin Call is about large corporations on Wall Street and how their plight for success hurts hundreds of millions of people, Edelstein tells us. The movie is from the successful Wall Streeters perspective in an effort to show what goes on ‘behind closed doors’. (Interesting timing, don’t you think?) It has an emphasis on whats it’s like to ‘look out for your own wealth’ at the cost of others. While the movie seems to replicate some of the events of the 2008 financial crisis, Edelstein applauds the Occupy Wall Street protesters through a MOVIE REVIEW by sympathizing with the uphill battle they are facing against “scary” Wall Street and “scary” America. (The same “scary” America that offers welfare benefits, housing assistance and free college tuition around the country.)

Beyond the not-so-coincidental timing of the Occupy Wall Street protests, the ensuing election, the leaking and then annihilation of corporation missteps and movies such as Margin Call simultaneously released, one must consider the greater issues. IS EVERYTHING POLITICAL? Come on, people. Why are Sunday morning coffee shows so skewed? Where has the objectivity gone? What happened to allowing a reader/viewer to develop an opinion?

Yes, the introduction is supposed to be satirical but why does a movie review have to turn political? Why do children’s books have to be political? Why does The Game of Life have to be political? Can’t we just learn and analyze for ourselves?