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Let’s get this over with…

I’ll go ahead and say it. We all knew it was coming. Edward Lindsey has been announcing that he’s going to be ‘announcing something’ for about 3 weeks and now he’s officially in. But saying ‘no’ from the get-go.
You see, I used to be in his district. I wrote him an email voicing my concerns about students and campus carry and his office he sent me an ever-so-long and pretty painful, 6 page email about Sandy Hook, what some professors have said about mental health, some studies related to Newtown, “A quick look at the Constitution” (ironic, eh?), and then some ‘suggestions’ on where we should go. After tracking through the nonsense with my weed whacker, I was left with his propositions:
This is a direct copy-paste from his email regarding his stance on the 2nd amendment. Any bolding was done on my part.

  1. How do we strengthen the established public policy prohibiting individuals with dangerous mental disorders and criminal records from possessing firearms?
    1. Standardize and expand the screening of gun purchasers.  We have gaping holes in our screening process to identify individuals who are barred from owning guns either because of mental health problems or past criminal conduct.  An estimated 40% of gun purchases occur through private sales and 80% of criminal acts involving guns occur from a weapon procured in a private transaction.  Therefore, all sellers of firearms – including sellers at gun shows — should be required to screen purchasers.
    2. Gun manufacturers, who profit from the sale of their product, should bear greater responsibility for monitoring and insuring that retailers who sell their product are doing so in compliance with the law.
    3. Toughen laws against anyone who knowingly or negligently allows someone who is not permitted to possess a gun from obtaining one and committing a crime.  This includes going after so called “straw purchasers” and requiring that the lawful owner of a gun report any theft promptly to the police.
    4. Enforce existing gun laws.  Each year, thousands of individuals are found to be attempting to purchase a firearm who are barred under law from being allowed to so; however, only a tiny fraction are ever prosecuted.
    5. Reform our approach to mental health to better assist the sufferer, and protect society by identifying those individuals who should not be allowed to possess a firearm.
  1. How do you promote safe firearm use, possession, and storage?
    1. Require purchasers of semi-automatic rifles demonstrate an understanding on how to safely handle and store such rifles.  This can be done by demonstrating evidence of having completed an approved gun safety course, passing a gun proficiency and safety test, or being in the active or reserve military or law enforcement.
    2. Require that purchasers of ammunition and magazines for semi-automatic rifles to show identification and the above evidence when purchasing these items.  This requirement would ensure over time that already existing owners of these weapons also pass the safety course.
    3. Similarly, laws already granting permits to carry a concealed weapon should also include a requirement that applicants take and pass a gun safety course in which he/she demonstrates an understanding on how and when to safely use the weapon, and where a concealed weapon can legally and safely be carried.  A concealed weapon may be valid protection but before carrying one into a public place someone should demonstrate that they are proficient in handling the weapon – including when not to use it.  We require a showing of safe handling of automobiles before one can drive on public roads, carrying a weapon in public should be no different. There are also locations where a concealed weapon cannot be legally carried and the permit holder needs to be aware of those locations.

Bless your heart. All I see are a bunch of proposed regulations on a God-given right. I guess that ‘quick look at the Constitution’ was quicker than originally thought? And please don’t try the ‘well you have to get a driver’s license to drive a car!’ argument. Blah blah blah. Driving a car is a privilege. Owning and carrying a weapon is a fundamental right.

I’m sorry, sir. The correct response to my initial email should have said: “I support the 2nd amendment unconditionally.”


The 2nd Amendment: Give it back to students

Below is a copy of my letter to my State Representative (and some others that I respect) regarding 2nd amendment privileges on non-traditional college campuses:

January 16, 2013

Representative Edward Lindsey
415 State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334

CC: Representative Chuck Martin, Representative B.J. Pak, Representative Paulette Braddock,
Senator Hunter Hill, Senator Judson Hill, Senator Brandon Beach

Re: Second Amendment privileges on alternative college campuses.

Dear Representative Lindsey,

My name is Jessica ________ and I am one of your constituents. I am currently enrolled in the Masters of Public Administration program at the University of Georgia, though I attend the satellite campus in Gwinnett. If you’re not familiar with this campus, it is a multi-story office complex that serves as an alternative campus for working graduate and doctoral students. The “campus”, which includes classrooms, study rooms, a library and a few administrative offices, encompasses the entire first floor of the building, with corporate offices on floors two and three.

As I know you are aware, firearms are prohibited on any college campus, regardless of a carry permit presence or gun caliber. As a Georgia State alum, I recognize the vulnerability of students on a college campuses and I feel that vulnerability is no less simply because my current campus is in a suburb. A “gun-free” zone, regardless of location, places students at an unfair advantage. I recognized the true disadvantage when I was informed by campus personnel that even “non-traditional” campuses fall under prohibited zones. Students have no barriers, as most walls and doors are made of glass and doors open outwards into the hallways (I’m sure you recall the dilemma with this in the Virginia Tech case). Without the ability to protect themselves, the only line of defense is to duck.

Classes at the Gwinnett campus often begin late-afternoon or early evening and release late and after dark. This is true of other campuses, such as the Georgia State campus in Alpharetta, the Terry Business School in Buckhead and the Georgia Perimeter satellite campuses across metro Atlanta. Further, nearly 100% of these students are graduate level and higher, therefore invalidating any argument regarding firearms in the hands of minors or those not eligible for a carry permit.

I understand that a blanket permit of firearms on campuses across Georgia is a long shot, especially in this political climate. I am, however, asking for proposed legislation which would allow firearms on alternative campuses which are adjacent to business offices. Business persons have no restrictions on their second amendment, however, as a student, I immediately stripped of my right to bear arms simply because of a ‘status’, even though we are all operating in the same building. Not only am I student, I, along with my classmates, am a sitting duck with a label of “potential victim”. I believe Georgia can do better and I believe students deserve better.

I welcome your feedback.



Jessica _________

My November 2012 Ballot

I know many of you have already voted, so for some this may not apply, but here are my voting suggestions for Tuesday. Everyone is very focused on the Presidential race–as they should be– but it’s important to research your local and state candidates as well. Feel free to comment or e-mail theperspicaciousconservative@gmail.com with any other questions. I skipped candidates who had no opposition.

-I am voting to keep Chuck Eaton (R). Chuck Eaton is the only candidate who reached out to me during the primary and the general election. Personal interactions matters, folks.

-I am voting for David Staples. He is the Libertarian candidate and I support him not only because of beliefs but also because Stan Wise had complete disregard for informing voters during both the primary and the general election by refusing to show up for debates or participate in forums. I’d like to see him voted out.

While I no longer live in the 5th district, I am so happy to see a Republican with more conservative leanings running against (too)-long-time-incumbent John Lewis. For that reason, I would suggest voting for Howard Stopeck. {I would like to thank John Lewis for for voting “No” to the NDAA in 2011, though. It’s one of the few things I can say he has done correctly in representing the American people}.

I grew up in the 6th district and have many family and friends who still reside there. I would select Tom Price, even though he voted in favor of the NDAA. Unless you are a proponent of the ‘write-in’ option, your other choice is a Democrat by the name of Jeff Kazanow. I know nothing about him so I can’t recommend him. I can still muster support of Tom Price because of his adamant fight against Obamacare and push for repeal. (And, I like his wife, Betty, who was a supporter of Andrew Wordes)

I was recently added to the 11th district so my choice is Phil Gingrey. I did not support him in the primary, however, it’s important to vote red.

I am voting for Hunter Hill. I could not, would not, should not support Doug Stoner under any circumstance most importantly because of his support of the TSPLOST. I would like to congratulate both candidates on sending the largest number of mail outs in one election cycle. I often times received more than one from the same candidate on the same day. (For future reference, I think that diminishes effectiveness.) But Go Hunter!

If you’re reading this blog, you know what I think. Next.

I am voting for Edward Lindsey. He is my current State Rep and while I disagree with him on the Charter School amendment, he has done a great job representing the people of Buckhead and Sandy Springs. I also had the opportunity to work with him during the 2012 Legislative Session and I can say he is truly a good person.

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Under no circumstance, in no context, for any reason, do I support the expansion of government. The Charter School Amendment isn’t about the kids. It’s about government and oversight. If this amendment passes, a state board will be allowed to override the decision of a local school district to deny a Charter. In that situation, a local school board will have to deal with the ramifications of a new school that they once denied. What kind of environment do you think THAT will make for the kids? You can read more about why you should oppose the Charter School amendment here and here.

Yes. I like outsourcing and privatizing things when using tax funds.

NO!!!!! If you live in Roswell, you need to open your darn eyes and look at what’s happening to your city. Your government is corrupt beyond measure. Please please please vote no on this bond referendum. The City has already allotted for it in their 2013 FY budget because they are going bankrupt. This is NOT the solution. There are several different pages you can read about the bond and other corrupt activities linked to this bond. Vote NO and the move to Alpharetta.

There is a lot I’d like to say about Cobb, but I will refrain. If you live there, Phil Daniell is running in the 41st House District and needs your support, as does long-time great representative Sam Teasley in the 38th.

There are a couple things I’d like to note. I helped my boyfriend with his Absentee ballot from Florida. I was FLOORED by the steps the state took to protect citizens from Federal initiatives AND how much was put to citizen vote. I’d really like to see more of that in Georgia. (We do a pretty good job– we did defeat the TSPLOST)

But like I always say…Do your duty, shake your booty and get out and vote!