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Tackling Tim Tebow’s Character

I’m not a fan of the NFL- not because of the high salaries or the obsessive fans-but because of how so many of the athletes behave on AND off the field. And I normally try to stay away from blogs related to football, since I see and hear so much about it at home…but this is something that really bothers me: The Tackle of Tim Tebow’s Character .

His season is now over…but after a LONG, ANNOYING season of attacks, jokes [the tebowing website may be a joke, but its still mocking him and his beliefs] and anger about his faith in God. After Saturday’s loss, my Facebook was inundated with “Where was God during that game, Tebow?” and “Guess God didn’t have the Superbowl in his plans for you!”. None of this was anything new and none of it was anything I hadn’t read all season whenever Tebow “messed up”. It really got me thinking, though.

People annihilated Tebow because he thanked God for the ability to play the game. (This quickly spun out of control into accusing Tim Tebow of thinking “he was God” and “God made him win games”…neither of which were ever said.) Meanwhile, other athletes in the league can choke women, skip out on child support payments, smoke and possess massive amounts of marijuana, drive drunk, sexually assault college girls in bathrooms, and shoot themselves in the foot and it’s all swept under the rug. The NFL dishes out a small fine and the player is back to being a celebrity. But, Tim Tebow is crucified (no pun intended) for thanking God.

What kind of organization allows a strong, brave, outwardly faithful member to be mocked, week in and week out? When did we become a nation that mocks a person who prays? And what happened to all my liberal friends…where is the acceptance? The tolerance? Do different rules apply because it has to do with God, the Christian God, the faith in which this country was founded and evolved so as to ensure freedom of religion and speech and made it so each player can be paid $300,000+ yearly and you can pay $75+ a ticket each week or watch it on your fancy TV with the NFL package that you pay for monthly from your job in a capitalistic society? That God? I just want to know when the faithful became the bad guys….

What a messed up industry. What a messed up society.