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Be Everything Michelle Obama Thinks You Should Be

If you are my Facebook friend, you may remember my oh-so-controversial Facebook posting/thread a few months back regarding Michelle Obama’s visit to North Point Community Church to promote her “Let’s Move!” initiative against childhood obesity. (Did you know that during her ‘lunch break’ at this event she had Jim&Nicks BBQ catered in? Healthy choice, Lady O.)  Well, here we go again…

The Atlantic Wire recently published an article by Adam Clark Estes, “Signs America is Losing the War on Childhood Obesity”, discussing Michelle Obama’s recent initiatives:

  • recruiting chefs to speak about healthy eating
  • teaching school children ‘fun’ exercise routines
  • advocating for new regulations to keep junk food off of kid’s minds (We will get to this in a momemnt, but parents will do WHAT THEY WANT in their home.  If they want to serve their child icecream for dinner on a Friday night, then they certainly can and ‘advocating for new regulations’ serves a purpose for a different agenda than that of ‘keeping junk food off kid’s minds’.

Michelle Obama’s small program hardly bothered me like the proactivity taking place across the nation:

  • Texas: 5 San Antonio elementary schools will photograph lunch trays before and after the students eat.  They will track intake and how much each student is eating. (Can you say Big Brother?? Sure, the information will only be disclosed to parents and researchers, but at what point does photographing a child and their food choices PREVENT childhood obesity?? Photographs are only recording ‘evidence’. 
  • Illinois: a state Senator suggested parents of obese children lose their $2000 deduction for children. (Ok, ok, I am probably the biggest critic of this entire program and now you’re going to tell me that children who are deemed obese BY THE GOVERNMENT will be TAXED-or not taxed- differently??)
  • Georgia: The Stop Childhood Obesity organization is using slogans to talk to children in their own environments.  Their most favorite motto, If you continue eating junk food and overeating, “you will die before your parents’. (This entire program is spearheaded by liberals, the same group of people who come up with a mental health disorder for every issue and as an excuse for every action.  If they’re so concerned about mental health, they may want to consider the fact that statements like this will encourage eating disorders down the road.)
  • Michigan: A little less than 1/3 of parents stated that they were open to child gastric bypasses. Low-income and minorities were more open to them than anyone. (So now were going to fight childhood obesity through the EASY WAY OUT, a.k.a invasive surgical procedures.  Ahh, I get it.)
  • D.C.: Michelle Obama visited different schools to dance to Beyonce. (I actually think this may be the most effective means of fighting childhood obesity.  The sight of this alone will make anyone never want to eat again.)

Let us not forget the position of Michelle Obama and her own image.  Michelle Obama claims to be a size 10 and quite fit for here 5’11 figure, however, studies have shown that her declared measurements are not possible.  She is more like a 16 with a hip measurement of 46′.  Sure, her arms are cut which is why she chooses to wear sleeveless dress and tops all the time, but in all actually, Mrs. Obama ain’t that fit. (See below.) 5’11 or not, she is not a figure I would like to mimic.

All fat that aside, Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If that happiness is being overweight, than so be it.  Whether it is healthy or it is not, it is a CHOICE that we can make and it isn’t something that should be monitored, recorded or taxed! It is a CHOICE that parents make for their children and it isn’t a place for any figurehead or government leader.

Besides, if we weren’t offering to pay for everyone’s healthcare, it wouldn’t really matter what diseases people developed because the government wouldn’t be footing the bill.  People would be held accountable for their own decisions and if they suffered complications from being obese, they would pay for it.