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Girl Scouts: Stay Away

Since I was a Girl Scout back in the 90’s, things have changed. A LOT. The Girls Scouts have been plagued with bad publicity for accepting funding from and partnering with Planned Parenthood, releasing statements through the Gay and Lesbian Alliance, formulating a “radical feminist agenda“, the “optional” use of God in the oath,  and more recently the inclusion of a transgendered child into a Colorado troop.

Now, before we move on…let me be clear about my irritation about the transgendered children in the Girl Scouts.
1. The child is 7 (as many of the newly inaugurated members are). Personally, I think that is extremely too young to be making significant life choices regarding gender and sexuality–things most children don’t know about at age seven.
2. IF for some reason, the parents of this children felt strongly that their child needed to dress and live as a girl, though genetically and physiologically a boy, why draw attention to the child by insisting this child partake in a GIRL’S organization.
These ideas make me wonder how much of this is a setup, how much of this is a publicity stunt on behalf of the parents and where the actors are trying to steer this fiery bus.

My opinions aside, the recent controversy has not gone without a response.

A California teen recently posted a YouTube video expressing her disdain with the direction of the Girls Scouts. Having been a member for 8 years, she is calling for everyone to boycott Girl Scout Cookies. Why you ask? It seems that the Girl Scouts are now allowing transgender children from kindergarten through twelfth grade to join the organization. “If the child identifies as a girl and the parents present the child as a girl, Girl Scouts will welcome the child”, the organization stated. Don’t you think this is making a mockery of the organization that USED to represent good community-based values? Still not convinced? Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis without proof or verification of gender. Would you like your little girl going on overnight camping trip with boys, or young men? And you know soon enough there will be male troop leaders, in an effort to be more accepting. Or better, males living life as females for troop leaders. How about sharing bathroom facilities (since these children are now identifying and acting as girls). All that aside, don’t you think this will open the door for a whole plethora of questions that your child may not have been exposed to? Her video is below:

If you search for the topic, you will see an extraordinary number of videos in response to this young lady’s message, with ones including attacks on her figure, her heritage and her values. Classy.

You can read more on the overall issues here.

It seems that Girl Scouts USA is just another progressive organization aimed at destroying family values, distancing children from faith and instead, indoctrinating young girls (and now boys!) with advanced and complicated values at way too early of an age. I’m sad to see that a previously positive organization has been infiltrated in this fashion.

Boycott the Girls Scouts. Boycott the Cookies. (Besides, Keebler makes ‘generic’ Thin Mints, Samoa’s and Tag-a-longs anyways).