The Fate of the Chicken Man

Many of you who have been following the story of the Roswell Chicken Man are already aware that he was sentenced to 99 days in jail last Wednesday, August 10. Leading up to that day, a lot of people read and shared this blog (which I am grateful for!) but we received some interesting feedback.

There were some comments left, both of Facebook and the comments page here, that blatantly said they were happy that Mr. Wordes was sentenced to jail because he “broke the law”

Mr. Wordes was sentenced because he failed to appear to his probation check-ins and did not complete his total number of hours demanded. Some readers made comments like, “He violated his probation, he SHOULD be in jail”. Others didn’t quite believe that the city could and would have a personal vendetta against this man. Remember WHY he was sentenced to jail- For illegal grading of his property (which he did in order to prevent his property from flooding, see pictures from previous blog) and too many cars on his driveway. I’m sorry but it’s simply obnoxious that Mr. Wordes is dealing with this. Why doesn’t the City of Roswell focus on their looming financial problems? Or the crime that consumes the district surrounding Red Lobster on Holcomb Bridge Road?

Some people have a hard time comprehending how large an issue this really is. But this is happening, friends. Mr. Wordes is in jail. Yes, he violated his probation and he didn’t meet all of the hours in time. But put that fact aside. This is part of an ever-evolving story that just won’t end.

This was all part of the master plan. 99 days in jail will prohibit Mr. Wordes from making house payments, because 1) his hens were poisoned and subsequently, he cannot sell any of their eggs; and 2) he is incarcerated and has no other means of making money. Don’t you see? His home will go into foreclosure and he will be forced to move. He won’t be able to live in Roswell because of the way the City Council changed the laws limiting the number of livestock you can have within city limits. The city is effectively PUSHING Mr. Wordes out of his home and the city. (Again, they made their intentions clear when they labeled his property as ‘Green Space’ on the Roswell 2030 Plan.)

Since the police department also caused Mr. Wordes some distress, you may wonder who is looking after his home while he is away. The Roswell Police have said they will do their best to monitor the premises. Wonderful.

Luckily, Mr. Wordes is surrounded by a wonderful group of friends who love him and his animals dearly and strongly support his fight. All of his animals have been taken in until November when he is released (though we don’t know where he will go). Friends are visiting him and sending him letters in hopes of keeping his spirits up. People he’s never even met are attempting to raise money for lawyers, house payments and any other fees he may be facing in the coming months. The outpouring of people willing to support Mr. Wordes is inspiring to me. But we’re not doing enough.

If you have any ideas or resources that can help fight this fight, please share them on the ‘Save the Roswell Chicken Man’ Facebook page.

Please visit to donate. It’s not to late to save his home.

You can write Andrew at:
Roswell Detention Center
In the direction of Andrew S. Wordes
39 Hill Street
Roswell, GA 30075

And lastly, get the losers off the Roswell City Council. Rich Dippolito and Becky Wynn (both of whom have vehemently opposed Mr. Wordes and his cause by passing legislation and upholding the actions of the City Manager, Kay Love) are both up for re-election this November. VOTE THEM OUT!!! **

**Mike Nyden is running for Post 1 to replace Dippolito. He supports Andrew’s cause, so we must support him.
And just because you don’t live in Roswell doesn’t mean you can’t help the process of removing them from office.


29 thoughts on “The Fate of the Chicken Man

  1. Abbey Buff Goose Harris

    Thank you for explaining this is simple terms for those who are not in the know about all that is happening. Andrew is a good man and the thought that he is being man handled is disgusting to me. I for one will do everything I possibly can to help my friend.
    Please people read up on this, if they can go after him for such stupidty imagine what they can do to you.
    Please let us know what else we can do

  2. The Right and Wrong

    Why is it that when laws are not enforced, citizens rant and rave that justice is not being upheld, but when laws are enforced, they are just picking on some poor soul? Now, I agree that the people who need to be in jail, like: drug dealers, thieves, drunk drivers, etc. seem to get off way to easy with our legal system now-a-days, but that shouldn’t mean that other laws that seem small and unimportant should be ignored. Was this man making his mortgage payment? Don’t think so… Would he be paying his mortgage if he wasn’t in jail? Don’t think so… Did he solve his flooding problem by illegally moving the dirt? Don’t think so… Did he impact the neighbors land by moving the dirt illegally? Quite possibly…. Did he agree to the probation and community service to stay out of jail? Sounds like it… Did he snub his nose at the probation and community service? Sounds like it…
    Sounds like instead of supporting someone who broke the law, because we think that law shouldn’t have been there, citizens should be jumping up and down and getting lawyers make sure the ones who seem to “get off” end up with their butts in jail too.
    Look at the bigger picture. Where were his supporters when he couldn’t pay the probation fee each month? Where were his supporters before he went to jail to help him move the vehicles out of his yard or move the dirt back to where it started? I wish all of these supporters had been there to help guide him to perform his community service while he fought his battle, because then he would not be in jail at this time. I am glad to hear his yard has been cleaned up, but it seems like everyone wants to be ugly to the neighbors who have had to endure the messy yard, abandoned vehicles, animals, etc…..when all of these supporters could have helped to prevent it. (And yes, his neighbors have assisted him many times in cleaning up his yard.)
    Once again, Americans have shown that instead of PREVENTING the issues, they want to complain, critic, whine and point fingers AFTER….which is a little too late!

    1. thePERSPICACIOUSconservative Post author

      Right & wrong…as someone you wants to appear to know so much about the situation, you discredit yourself by hiding behind a fake name. If you are really so privy to information regarding this case, you’d know that his list of supporters is only growing, and he’s had many of the same ones since day 1. Also, you may want to reread both posts. The issue at hand is the execution of a plan against one man by a local government…the blog acknowledges that he did not fulfill his probation requirements…but again, gets back at a greater issue. I sure hope that if something of the sort ever happens to you, you aren’t surrounded by the negativity and uninformed cynicism that you are bringing forth on this support page.

    2. Brad

      Right and Wrong, How many times do you offer a hand to your neighbor or speak (not talk behind their backs, yell or criticize) to them directly about your concerns? My experiences tell me that far too often those who respond in the manner in which you are demonstrating are the first ones to cast their stones at people from behind a bush. The cowardly are the first ones to run and tattle rather then look their neighbors in the eye with respect and deal with an issue one on one. But life is no fair, right? So, your first response is to tell “mom and dad” how people are being “mean” to you. I presume you are an adult. Grow up and act like one. Mr. Wordes has not run from his responsibilities. He has stood up for himself and accepted the toll for his actions. That is more then it seems you are willing to do. Instead you hide. You hide behind the police, city council, anonymity, and I am sure whomever else you can get to fight your fights for you. Fortunately though, there will come a day when none of us can hide from judgement. Good luck with that.

    3. Disgruntled American

      Hey Keith Badalamante, AKA Right and Wrong, is it right to have a party celebrating an innocent man going to jail for protecting his property?

    4. Save our CITY

      Mr. Wordes is a great man who is standing up for what is right! He has repeatedly asked the city to buy his future GREEN SPACE LAND so he could leave his property. Like most of us he is not able to just walk away without being paid for his land. He can not just walk away without selling his investment which the city plans to TAKE FOR FREE!!! How could any one of us move without selling our home? City of Roswell PLEASE BUY HIS HOME and this is OVER!!! Kay Love must be FIRED! there is no telling who she will go after next but why wait to find out STOP KAY LOVE NOW!!! Roswell why do we pay this woman she is a danger to all of us who live in this once wonderfull city. HELP!

  3. The Right and Wrong

    Good morning Disgruntled American, Brad and Szilagyi5
    Once again, as you have addressed me above, you have made assumptions that were INCORRECT…which is what has happened with many of the people who have posted in regards to the Chicken Man and K Badalamante. First off, I have no reason to hide, but as with most of the people who have posted also, I do not feel that my name has anything to do with my opinion on this situation. After reviewing the web yesterday to gather more information about the Chicken Man, there is no doubt that thousands of people have read about this chaos and I am one of those thousands. I do not live in Roswell, like many others who have commented, but I do have my opinion, as do you.
    INCORRECT assumptions have made Mr. Worde and many of his supporters look very silly. Why do you feel that the “FACTS” are negative support? They are just the “FACTS”. Part of having a full view of what is happening is to be able to see the good and the bad, without feeling that the TRUTH is so threatening. Outsiders deserve to see the facts and have the right to voice their opinion, which I have done here. (Most of the court documents are public, these are not assumptions….they are FACTS.)
    I am sorry that my opinion has made you feel that you needed to POINT FINGERS, AGAIN….at K Badalamante and other people who live the same area as Mr. Worde. But, it is the great American way…..”IT’S ALWAYS SOMEONE ELSE’S FAULT, BECAUSE WE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR NOTHING.” Thank you for letting me know that you are hearing me.

  4. Brad

    Good morning Right and Wrong, Please enlighten as to where I have made false statements about the facts of this topic.

  5. Disgruntled American

    Right and Wrong,
    First off, sorry for assuming that you are Keith Badalamante, I can tell that you aren’t him because you actually replied to this whereas he just makes one post and runs away.
    Here are a couple more facts for you to consider. Did he snub his nose at his community service? Not at all. He has serious medical conditions which require constant medical care. Unfortunately he does not have the capacity to receive such care as he is unemployed. Do you know what an epidural is? Well the day before his probation hearing, he received one for his degenerative back condition. He was in no condition to drive anywhere for a couple days after that.
    Did we as friends snub his requests for help for his probation payments? Not at all. I actually did help him with a couple by letting him earn the money for it and gas. He probably got tired of asking for help because he doesn’t like being a burden on his friends. He was doing everything in his power to try to stay out of jail including picking up scrap metal to sell.
    It is kinda hard to seek employment when the city is unfairly harassing you. First off it is hard for anyone to find a job today. Why would a company hire an older individual with medical conditions when they can hire someone younger and healthier that is less likely to miss work? Throw into the mix the constant time off needed for court dates and this makes for a very unattractive candidate. This is the reason why he lost a previous job.
    Now here is another fact for you as well about his neighbors. He had close friends living next store that lived there for 18 years. The flooding affected their home as well. The money that they spent to fix their home caused them to go bankrupt and foreclosure. The city of Roswell refused to file for FEMA aid to benefit them because they were after Andrew. His two neighbors across the street as well lost their home as well, but not due to flood damage. All of these neighbors had no problem with Andrew’s hobby and actually loved the chickens. Most of the people in the neighborhood brought their children there to see the chickens, and he would constantly give away free eggs and meat to them.
    There is only one neighbor that has a bone to pick with Andrew, and that is Keith Badalamante. All of the pictures that were taken for the city’s civil suit against him were taken from Keith’s property, and NOT the street. He knew well ahead of time that his potential neighbor housed chickens and roosters, and decided to buy the property and move in anyways. Open records reports show that he called multiple times a day complaining about crowing roosters, during the day and night, even when it was raining outside. In case you didn’t know, his roosters were housed in a soundproof barn and only released during the day, around when he wakes up at 8-9am. They all go back into the barn on their own at sundown.
    They also run into this barn to get out of the rain. Also, ROOSTERS DON’T CROW AT NIGHT.

  6. on-the-rocks

    The city of Roswell lusting after his property for “Green Space” is part of the larger “Smart Growth” mindset, wherein property rights of individuals take a back seat to the long-term goals of “planners”. For those of you that live within the city limits of a city that buys into this philosophy – and you live near a creek – you might want to do an internet search for county maps showing future land use patterns. Even if you don’t live on a floodplain, if you are next to a Green Space (or some other planned parcel), what you can do with your property may be limited.

    And whatever you do, don’t get involved with any “conservation easements”, as they are usually permanent and may affect your ability (or your grown children’s ability) to sell the land in the future.

  7. Keith

    No one posioned the animals (AJC story incomplete)
    The Official Toxicology Report Accession Number: A12-00875
    “..Toxicology testing on the samples from these birds were negative for pesticides, heavy metals, and rodenticides…”
    If you want more facts, read the report.

    1. thePERSPICACIOUSconservative Post author

      Keith, thank you for sharing this information. Would you please provide readers with where you obtained the information? (since the AJC article was incomplete). Also, just because those reports didn’t show the items you listed. doesn’t mean something didn’t happen. His birds were let out, feed was everywhere and the next day, they started dying. You’re Andrews neighbor, are you sure you didn’t see anything??

  8. Keith

    It is the UGA Report that has been turned over to the City of Roswell.
    Andrew accused me by name but I was out of the state before the alleged event took place and did not return until well after.

  9. Nick

    -This is addressed to anybody and everybody who’s following andrew’s story.
    And to those of you who do actually know him well and as a friend, i dont mean any wrong by this post. Andrew has been a friend of mine for about a year and a half now. While previously working at Cici’s Pizza in Roswell i met him through my boss, who was a friend of his. I am not here to debate or to fight, i just simply want to state an oppinion and give you a few quick facts. For those of you who have hidden yourselves behind a computer screen…my name is Nick. I am a good friend of andrew’s, not a follower of his story, or a fan of his, or one of his facebook friends…you do not make real friends like that. I drive a red sports car and go to Lassiter High School in Marietta im 17 years old and a senior this year, i may not be a man yet but guess what, my thought process does not care who you are, what you do or anything like that, i chose to have andrew as a good friend of mine for one reason and one reason only…he is a good man. I ask you, all the people who decide to hide behind a computer screen, do you really know Andrew S. Wordes? I think not, but who knows, maybe im wrong and you do but guess what, i know plenty that you don’t because you have decided to look upon andrew as a criminal and therefore do not know anything about him. The andrew that i spent 6 nights a week with after work and every weekend with until recently is a law abbiding citizen who loves his country, his animals, his friends, and would give a stranger his shirt off his back if it was his only one. Now, while i was sitting here reading through this blog and reading through the comments it seems to me as if some of you have a personal vendetta of your own with andrew, but thats none of my bussiness. All i have to say is, and this goes for anyone who is not a friend of andrews, most of you being men im guessing. I have told you who i am along with much more information about myself, i only ask one question of you….how do you call youself a man?…. I encourage anyone who is not a friend of andrew’s to drive to the Roswell Detention Center tommorrow morning at 8 a.m. like i will be doing and sit face to face with a man….a real man. Not someone who cowardly hides behind a computer screen. Andrew is a good friend of mine, and yes you can have good friends…real friends at 17 years old. Andrew is a hardworking, respectful, well educated, trustworthy man who has proven all of this to me in the time i’ve known him, how do i know all this, because those are the qualities i look for in a person. If you can not trust someone or respect them then how are you friends with one another. If you were to ask andrew about myself one of the first things he would say is that i am a hard worker….you know why…because hard work knows hard work, andrew is a great hardworking man and a great friend who does not deserve to be treated in the fashion that he has been treated, both by the city of Roswell and by cowards who would rather judge someone then get to know them and really meet them.

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  11. Charlesetta Ericson

    Howdy! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I genuinely enjoy reading your posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same topics? Many thanks!

  12. Mary

    This is the final countdown for Andrew… The sheriff can boot him off the property now any day… He needs his friends to keep fighting for him… This story should get national attention so write, email, and call anybody you think would publish or tell his story on a national level… The city of Roswell does not want that kind of publicity…

  13. Mary

    Andrew is a folk hero and patriot in this story… His story will come out on a national level and when it does, the city officials of Roswell are going to be the villans … It is a very bad PR move for the city and I wouldn’t want to be one of the officials responsible for this abuse of power….

  14. abouthadit

    Andrew is in IMMEDIATE need of legal counsel to stop the eviction so he can press forward with his civil rights action. If anyone knows of a lawyer who wants to end the corruption in Roswell city hall PLEASE contact Andrew IMMEDIATELY.

  15. Cindi Burkey

    I would encourage anyone who cares about Mr. Wordes’ story to go to the Facebook pages of the city officials who persecuted him, and let your views be known. I posted a note on Dipolitto’s page and a comment on Wynn’s page. It only takes a second and it does have an impact. Let them know what they did to Wordes was wrong.

    I only learned of his predicament today, too late. I live in Southern California and have been seeing this kind of heavy-handedness way too much lately. I would call myself a small-government liberal—which, to me, is not a contradiction in terms. Rule of law is a funny thing and regardless of what your ideaology is, what happened to Wordes was WRONG. Kind of funny how someone posting here calling himself “right and wrong” gets it, well really, really wrong. Part of rule of law is having the law equally applied to any and all wrongdoers, and this clearly was not anything like that. It’s clearly a town trying to get the guy’s land for free. Eminent domain is a menace, but this wasn’t even that. This was just pure strong-arm fascistic harassment.


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