Underlying Message Over Coffee

Please watch this video before reading below:


YouTube clip- from CBS Sunday Morning -Fast Draw Segment August 14, 2011

So here it is. Another subtle message in this all-too-short-and-utterly-vague Sunday morning segment. During this 2 minute and 14 second clip, CBS managed to do a couple of things.

You’re informed that unemployment is high and wages are low. First of all, “low” is relative. Yes, compared to Bill Gates, my salary is “low”, however, there are plenty of people in America who are making decent money and being cautious with their money. *Cautious means thinking before spending.

Next, you’re told that the government doesn’t know how to pay its bills. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 6 months, this isn’t new news. But- you are told to look at Corporate America. Apparently, corporations are piling up the cash, totalling $1.2 trillion. Unfortunately, CBS does NOT think this is a good thing. They think that the money could be spent in a better manner. Corporations, instead of holding a cushion in the bank, could:

– Pay 3 years of rent for every renter in america
-Buy every home that went into foreclosure in 2007 & 2008.
-Pay all of America’s dental bills for 10 years.
-Or give every American family $10,000. (The ones that are legal and documented, of course.)

The narrators make sure to let you know that corporations won’t be doing any of these, nor will they create jobs. Specifically, “They’ve taken note of the uncertainty, will hold on to cash. They’ll save it spend later. When they can make more money”.

CBS did this on purpose. Many people would simply watch and say, ‘Wow!” or “Can you believe that?” CBS was playing into the ‘stupid American’ stereotype. During a comical segment on government, CBS sprinkled angry fairy dust to create the ‘Shame on corporations!’ mindset. This ad was created to incite anger towards the private sector in a passive-aggressive manner.

Come on, people! Why are corporations under fire like this? Corporations are criticized for not spending enough money and not creating enough jobs. Between innovation, production and sales (depending on the type of business), PLENTY of jobs are created because of large corporations. As for the spending issue, we are angry because they don’t do enough of it and have cash in the bank. Seems to me this is responsible business and would make a fabulous model for our own government.

And regardless of where this money is…these corporations, as well as their employees, pay taxes on this money, despite what many may say. If you want to be mad at corporations, be mad at them for whose campaigns they are funneling money into during elections. If you want to be mad at CBS, well, then, I’ve got your back.


3 thoughts on “Underlying Message Over Coffee

  1. Brad

    How could these corporations spend their money? How about however they blippin’ please. It is THEIR money! Any CEO that did not manage a company’s assets prudently, especially in the current market, would be fired or jailed. Hmmm…hopefully voters will wake up and apply that same concept to politicians. Anyone that thinks differently, start practicing what you preach. Try actually working for a living and earning the things you want. Then once you’ve done that give me half of it (not that I want it). Otherwise, leave your grubby paws off of other people’s stuff.

  2. Brad

    Ugh. This is one of those topics that is going to continue to gnaw at me. It would have been nice if they would have asked what the government could have and should have done with TARP or the subsequent bailout(s). The amount of money the fed blew on TARP and the first bailout would have allowed each tax payer to forego paying their federal income taxes for one year (with change to spare). As a small business owner, I know I would have invested that money into growing my business resulting in my ability to hire more people, and as a result created more revenue (code word for taxes) for the feds. Instead, I find myself like the corporations mentioned in the ad with FAR less assets, but no more eager to spend them.

  3. Evelyn

    Our country was founded on free enterprise – we were the land of opportunity for LEGAL immigrants that found their way to the US. People came to this country and worked hard to establish a better life for their families. They had a strong desire to succeed. They were not provided free food, free housing, free health care. No one had expectations of coming to the US to be taken care of – they came to the US because they wanted a better life and understood that hard work would ultimately pay off. Many of the “nasty corporations” are a result of generations of hard work. Unlike, the residents of the US today, both legal and illegal, no one expected handouts. However, during the past 2 and a half years, this country has shouted the message to the world that we are the nation of handouts – at the expense of those of us who have diligently continued to work hard, pay our taxes and play by the rules.


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