The Little Red Hen

The Little Red Hen…

What a fabulous story: The Little Red Hen plants, reaps, and carries the wheat as everyone sits around watching and unwilling to help. When it is time to sow, turn the flour into dough and bake it, still-no one offers to help. But when the bread is warm and ready, EVERY ONE is willing to come join and enjoy the feast. Sound familiar?

How about the 47% of Americans who don’t pay income taxes? Many of them contribute NOTHING to the government money pit and reap significant benefits. They wait for the 53% to plant, water, reap, carry, transform and bake. They expect the wheat to be morphed into warm bread and then they are willing to help consume! Much like when those dependent on social services watch as entrepreneurs, business persons and blue collar workers alike work tirelessly day in and day out to support themselves and their families. They form companies, establish business relationships and are the powerhouses of the private sector. 53% have to cook the bread but are forced to feed the remaining 46%. My favorite part of the story? When the hen says, “NO! I’ll eat it all myself”. I wish that would happen here on a larger scale.

Why do I have to share my bread? I grew my own wheat! What happened to ‘every man for himself’? When did we become victims of a nanny state and country full of people who cannot manage for themselves?

Maybe a simple story of capitalism, such as this, would make it easier for people to understand. It’s certainly better and more informative than ‘The Lorax’ or ‘Dear President Obama: Letters from Children Across America’. The Little Red Hen is a fantastic analogy to the foundations of our country and economic system. The only difference is that now we aren’t allowed to hoard our own bread. We have to give upwards of 30% of it away.

Conservatives and proponents of Capitalism should push harder to distribute this book. I want to see it in all preschools and elementary schools across the country. I’ve got a copy! Maybe I can volunteer to read it at the next Democratic National Convention? Can I get an Amen??


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