AUDIO: Chicken Man’s Former Mortgage Holder Cared for Andrew, Not Money

(photo credit G.Stewart, Creative Loafing)

As promised, here is the audio recording with Andrew Wordes’ former mortgage holder Dora Hardeman.

After listening, a few questions remain:
1) Dora cared deeply for Andrew and explicitly stated she ‘would have helped Andrew get out of his financial situation’ any way she could. If she didn’t receive pressure from the City, why would she sell the note to the home FOR FORTY CENTS ON THE DOLLAR?
2) Who was the ‘other person’ who offered to purchase the mortgage from Dora around the same time?
3) Why are certain parties still claiming there was a venomous relationship between Dora and Andrew when in 6 minutes of taping she stated how much she liked him 5+ times and that if she ‘could pick a side, it’d be Anderew’s’?
4) Does anyone else find it coincidental that the current mortgage holder hasn’t paid Mrs. Dora Hardeman a dime?
5) Why did Mr. Wall offer to buy Andrew’s mortgage from Dora if they didn’t know each other, as Dora claimed?
6)Why is Mrs. Hardeman ‘disgusted’ with the City if the harassment of Andrew is untrue and if she was not pressured from Roswell regarding the note?

Food for thought.



8 thoughts on “AUDIO: Chicken Man’s Former Mortgage Holder Cared for Andrew, Not Money

    1. thePERSPICACIOUSconservative Post author

      Nancy, you seem to be mistaken. The device was in my hand the entire time after Mrs. Hardeman welcomed me into her home. Further, it was not a hidden camera as her face, person or home are never shown.

  1. Pepperdine1

    Uhh Nancy…more importantly, the old lady clearly wants to show her support for Andrew and what happened to him.

    Another crazy Anti-Andrew person trying to divert from the real problem

  2. Lady A

    Wake up Nancy Georgia has a one person consent law. Besides I’m glad this is coming out. Andrew was right and we cannot let his story be suppressed.

    Also, does it really seem like the writer ha to pull teeth to get her to talk? She was basically singing. Step off your High horse and recognize whata in front of you.

  3. M Potter

    And Mrs. Hardeman said that she that would do anything to help Andrew and that she was on Andrew’s side and at the end she said she would speak out… that’s pretty clear from the interview…

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