You wouldn’t have to read many articles on this blog or spend much time with me in person to learn I’ve got a feisty, snarky stubbornness in the way I communicate politically. I have my own way of doing things, to say the least. You probably think you know what to expect on this blog a day after an election…but I may surprise you.

The majority of news outlets today will say that it “didn’t go our way”, but I just can’t see it that way. Since the inception of this campaign, it was never leaning “our way”. It was always “not enough time”, “too big of a district”, “too small a staff” (thanks, y’all) and “not enough money”. Too tall a hill, if you will. But the fight was never about that. The fight was about the unique non-political message of our candidate and the ever-turning wheels of the vehicle in which this grand movement is traveling. The messenger of this movement will say otherwise but there is no better example, no better mentor, no better delivery than what we’ve seen through this culture shift. If you followed the campaign even a little, or the legislature for the last 4 years, you know exactly what I’m talking about. A lot of you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, though, because it’s a quiet, yet effective push to make a difference and do what is right. It’s grace.

I moved to South Georgia on a whim and a prayer just 77 days ago to work in a capacity I didn’t understand, in a town I didn’t know for a cause that is still much larger than myself or anything I will ever be. I put fear, doubt, and everything known to me aside and trusted in the Lord’s plan for my life. It’s the most freeing feeling I’ve ever felt.

I woke up this post-election morning and panicked because it was 7:28am and I feared I would miss my morning 7:30a.m conference call with our team or still have my “morning voice” when I called in. But like the morning after a break-up, it was empty. When it’s abrupt and there’s no closure, we often want to place blame or find a “well, we should have…”,. I can’t find that in my heart. Only Grace.

I still rushed to get to the office because I wanted to be there–Our tiny nook just off what South Georgia calls a “highway”. Even in breaking down the office, I want it to reflect the same heart as the entire campaign. Only Grace.

I’ve never been prouder of a campaign, of a candidate or my own work.
I have nothing negative to say about the entire process, or “The Other Guys”, and I know that that isn’t always a gift we are granted the morning after an election. Only Grace.

The majority of the people in my life will never know the true impact that last 11 weeks have had on my life. I found a quiet confidence in myself, a renewed faith in my neighbors and an appreciation for the simple things. I see everything and everyone differently. My communication skills have been refined and my political ideology, though still unwavering, is more principled. I’ve built relationships with people who have turned my world right-side-up. Only Grace.

The majority of news outlets today will say that it “didn’t go our way”. I cant find one filter to look through that presents the situation in that light. Only Grace.

I can put my campaign shirt back on WITH A SMILE to go pick up 2,250 yard signs across 19 counties.

Only Grace.



8 thoughts on “Grace.

  1. Dick Cottrill

    You are wise beyond your years. You are a credit to whomever taught you and to yourself for listening and then DOING. Our journey is just that…the outcome is His…as you say, through Grace.

    Our job is to row, God doesn’t row, God steers……and He cannot steer a stationary boat.

  2. Anne Lewis

    What a great message. Congratulations on a good campaign and all the best as you find your next adventure with Grace.

  3. Kevin Parker

    GRACE- The Liberating, Enabling Power of God to Accomplish His Will in our lives! Obedience is better than sacrifice and the rewards thereof are sweet. I am honored that our paths have crossed. Stay the course, more work to be done.

    Kevin Parker
    The Bald Eagle

  4. Rick Brown

    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” –Benjamin Franklin

    Your piece is reaffirming to any person who wishes to participate in our political process.

    You call your blog “The Perspicacious Conservative”, yet you cite Ben Franklin speaking of liberty: as you are aware, recent science shows that the conservative mind processes stimuli with first concerns for safety and reward; the progressive mind processes stimuli with first concerns for the impact on the whole.

    One feels that the perspicacity in this case is that you have the political savvy to co-opt Franklin’s essentially progressive insight as one which might have its genesis in a conservative mind. Good for political accumulation of power; perhaps not-so-good for one’s aspirations for personal grace.

    Still, the grace you seek is manifestly evident in your post-primary assessment of your campaign. Best wishes as you venture forward.

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