Have You Heard The News? It Gets Better.

Recently, Scott Brown (R-Mass) declined to appear in a pro-LGBT video assuring youth that ‘it gets better’ as you get older.  The video is a part of a nationwide campaign to reassure LGBT teens and young adults that the bullying lessens as they get older.  Brown, the only lawmaker who does not appear in the video featuring every other Massachusetts lawmaker, has been under intense scrutiny for declining the invitation to appear despite his spokesman’s acknowledgement that Brown is dedicated to eliminating bullying but “his main focus right now is on creating jobs and getting our economy back on track”.  It’s not appropriate to imply that Scott Brown is promoting or allowing bullying simply because he will not partake in a video.

Scott Brown has proven to be more moderate than conservative during his time in office but that still doesn’t please Democrats.  Democratic Hill staffers are the ones that leaked the story about Brown not appearing in the video to the press.  It isn’t enough that he voted in-favor of the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in recent months, no, now they want him to appear in a video to ‘lock-in’ his stance.

But why are our politicians wasting time making videos?  They are not movie stars.  As legislators, their job is to draft and create laws.  I understand that the campaign message is being promoted due to the increasing number of suicides among LGBT teens, and that is commendable, but everyone from State representatives to President Obama is partaking in this video message project.  I don’t think it is appropriate.  And Scott Brown is right.  We should be focusing on jobs and the economy–you know that thing the Democrats keep blaming the Republicans for? I also can’t remember the last time someone took a commercial, especially from a politician, to heart.  Instead, why don’t these influential members of the government take the opportunity to enact legislation to protect people, regardless of sexual orientation, from bullying?  Surely that would be more effective than a video.

View some of the ‘It Get’s Better’.  You’ll notice if you simply YouTube ‘It Get’s Better’, there are 785,000 results.  I think the message is getting out there, enough so not to criticize one politician for not participating in the video.

From President Obama
From the Massachusetts Delegation
Modern Family PSA


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